Communities across Illinois look to curb juvenile crimes

Naturally, crime rates will increase as populations continue to soar in Illinois cities. Recently, however, gang violence and juvenile crimes have been hot topics in the media. A number of factors have been contributing to the rise in crime among the juvenile population such as peer pressure, violence in the home and socioeconomic factors; the list goes on and on. Fortunately, steps are being taken in various cities and communities across Illinois to curb juvenile delinquency and gang violence.

The city of Springfield in particular has seen a spike in gang violence. Community activists in Springfield have stepped up efforts to reduce juvenile and gang violence and their hard work is paying off. To help troubled youth, mentorship opportunities have been implemented by various organizations such as Faith Coalition for the Common Good. Springfield police have also rolled out a program called Focused Deterrence, aimed at addressing gun violence.

One advocate says he has been going to the juvenile detention center on a weekly basis to talk with and encourage juveniles. Typically, he says some juveniles just get bored, which often leads to trouble. He stresses that it will take efforts from the entire community in order to see lasting change. The Springfield Police Chief is encouraged by what he is seeing, but urges people to speak up if they notice violent activity.

Although crime among the juvenile population continues to be a problem across the country, programs are being implemented to help troubled youth. Criminal charges are very serious and can ruin lives. Those in Illinois who have been charged with juvenile crimes have the right to seek legal representation. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can provide guidance while protecting the individual rights of juveniles who have been charged with crimes.