Criminal defense vital when facing theft and fraud charges

The work place environment provides a number of opportunities for individuals. It affords the Illinois resident the opportunity to learn skills, interact with other people, earn a living and much more. In some instances, it also provides the individual with private information related to customers and others who depend upon the business. It is often understood that this information will remain confidential and not used for other purposes that may lead to the need for a criminal defense if the information obtained is misused.

Retirement center employees are often privy to their residents’ personal information. Some employees have access to these residents’ personal, financial and medical information. Additionally, in some instances, one or more individuals is given the authority to act on behalf of a resident to conduct business, make purchases and conduct other financial transactions for a resident.

In one recent case, a former employee was accused and pleaded guilty to identity theft and wire fraud related to information he obtained while working at an Illinois retirement center. Apparently, this employee used residents’ personal information to obtain and pay for utilities at his personal residence. He has now been sentenced to prison and ordered to pay restitution.

In a situation such as this one, the Illinois resident finds him or herself in a legal situation requiring a strong criminal defense. Even though the individual in this particular situation pleaded guilty, another individual in a similar situation may be facing charges for which he or she is innocent or otherwise wishes to contest the charges. Regardless, it is vital that the evidence is properly analyzed and that the individual’s rights are protected at every stage of the proceedings.