Drug charges can do irreversible damage

A criminal charge is a big concern in any state. Those who are hit with drug charges in Illinois can face very steep penalties. These penalties include massive fines and many years of jail time, not to mention the irreversible damage these charges can do to individual records and personal reputations. Of all the criminal charges across the Illinois, drug-related charges are some of the most common, and just being charged can potentially ruin a person’s life.

A woman is facing several drug related charges after a recent arrest in Joliet. According to reports, a car ran a stop sign near 4th Avenue and Eastern so police initiated a traffic stop. Officers said they noticed a metallic pipe with burn marks sitting on the lap of the front seat passenger of the car.

Reportedly, police searched the vehicle and found drugs and drug paraphernalia. Some of the items they say they found were hypodermic needles, a metallic rod and a spoon with residue. Officers also searched the female passenger and found heroin, according to police reports. Police said they arrested the woman and charged her with possession of drug equipment and possession of a controlled substance, among other charges.

Although this woman was arrested and now faces some serious charges, these charges do not constitute a conviction. Those in Illinois who are arrested on drug charges could increase their chances of obtaining a successful outcome by consulting a legal representative. A skilled litigator can protect personal rights and provide much-needed guidance for individuals facing criminal charges