Drug charges: Mother petitions lawmakers for help

The United States is facing a very serious drug problem. Across the country, drug addiction is destroying families and ruining lives. The state of Illinois, in particular, has been notoriously tough on those convicted of drug charges. Penalties can include years of incarceration and massive fines, not to mention the humiliation and tarnished personal records that can hamper an individual for the rest of his or her life. A mother in suburban Chicago has petitioned lawmakers in an attempt to rescue her daughter from drug addiction.

The concerned mother says she is losing her daughter to drugs and is fighting to help her daughter get clean. According to the mother, her daughter started using drugs in high school. Attempts to convince the young girl to give up drugs have been fruitless, the mother says. Allegedly, her daughter has entered and left rehab over two dozen times, and her whereabouts are currently unknown. Although her daughter needs help, the mother claims that her daughter refuses help when she’s under the influence of drugs.

Illinois law states that family members and friends of drug addicts cannot force them into treatment against their will. Neighboring states, however, give families the option to commit a loved one to a treatment facility involuntarily by saying drug use can impede the ability to make rational decisions. The young mother believes the only option she has left is court-mandated help. Reportedly, a petition she started to change the Illinois law has over 120 signatures.

More and more states are adopting new legislation to help families who have been affected by drugs. Those in Illinois who have been arrested on drug charges may think that all hope is lost, but help is available in the form of legal counsel. A skilled and knowledgeable attorney can safeguard personal rights and help clients to achieve the best possible outcome even when facing seemingly insurmountable evidence.