Drug charges: Recreational marijuana could be legal in Illinois

The legalization of marijuana is a controversial subject that has sparked heated debates for decades. This issue has made headlines across the country as more states are legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Currently, recreational marijuana use is still illegal in the state of Illinois, accounting for hundreds of drug charges every year throughout the state. However, if the newly elected governor has his way, this could all be changing.

While on his campaign trail, the governor promised to legalize recreational marijuana use in Illinois. According to a recently proposed plan, Illinois citizens would be able to purchase 30 grams of recreational marijuana at a time. Proponents of the plan say that legalizing marijuana would greatly boost the economy and provide funding for infrastructure, education and a whole host of other things.

Legalizing marijuana in Illinois could also provide justice for those who have been incarcerated due to non-violent drug convictions. According to reports, nearly half of the prison population are individuals who received non-violent drug convictions. Other states that have legalized marijuana have even expunged those who had previously received drug convictions.

Facing criminal charges can be a very troublesome and frightening thing to experience. Even if a conviction never happens, those who are arrested on drug charges are treated unfairly and humiliated in society. Illinois residents who face drug charges should know that they have options available to help them, such as the right to consult a legal representative. An experienced litigator can determine a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome while ensuring that personal rights are protected.