Humiliation and embarrassment accompany drug charges

Being arrested and thrown into the back of a police car can be an extremely humiliating thing to experience. However, facing drug charges can have a myriad of emotional and psychological effects. Drug charges can hamper any attempts at gaining employment in the future and can basically ruin a person’s life. Despite all the negative impacts of a criminal charge, those who are arrested and face these charges in Illinois should know the resources available that may help them.

Recently, a man was arrested in Springfield, and he now faces drug charges. According to reports, Illinois State Police officers stopped the man’s vehicle as he was traveling on Interstate 72 near Veterans Parkway. Reports said that officers searched the man’s car and located a substance containing cocaine.

Officers found almost nine pounds of the substance in the man’s vehicle, reports said. Police say the man was arrested and charged with manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and controlled substance trafficking. Reportedly, the man could face over $1 million in fines and up to 120 years in prison.

Undoubtedly, being arrested and accused of crimes can be incredibly stressful. Although this man has been charged, he has not been convicted of the alleged drug crimes. Those in Illinois who are arrested on drug charges reserve the right to seek legal counsel. By obtaining the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, those who have been accused could gain much-needed guidance and increase the odds of achieving the best possible outcome.