Juvenile crimes: Charges against high school student dropped

Adolescence is an infamous time of change and rebellion. It’s no secret that the majority of adolescents will participate in some type of rebellious behavior at some point in their lives. Most of the time, this is nothing more than an outlet for harmless fun. Sometimes, however, it can turn into criminal activity. Being arrested and charged with juvenile crimes can ruin a young person’s life.

The arrest of a student at a Chicago high school recently made headlines. Apparently, the student had been suspended and the police officers were attempting to escort her out of the school. According to reports, the student became combative with law enforcement officers. Reportedly, the student began kicking and biting the officers, and they eventually used a Taser to subdue the student.

The student claims that she was being pushed down the stairs and was only trying to defend herself. The student was charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery, reports said. However, all charges have been dropped, prosecutors have stated.

Although in this instance the charges were dropped, this student’s life may be negatively affected for years to come. Any arrest and criminal charge can sabotage a young person’s life, ruining reputations and hindering any future attempts at employment. In the state of Illinois, those who have been charged with juvenile crimes have options available that could help them through this experience. All individuals who have been charged with a crime reserve the right to seek legal representation. An experienced attorney can offer the protection of rights and provide guidance during this tumultuous time.