A DUI charge can turn a holiday into a tragedy

During holidays, police in Illinois say that there are more arrests made for driving under the influence of alcohol than at other times of the year. In Illinois and across the country, police forces commonly ramp up patrols during holidays, in an effort to reduce accidents and keep the roadways safe. Holidays are a time of celebration for many, and it is important to remember to celebrate responsibly. Getting a DUI charge is definitely something that can turn a celebration into a tragedy.

Police in Lockport said they conducted additional enforcement efforts to combat intoxicated driving during the recent St. Patrick’s Day weekend. During the special enforcement efforts, Lockport police reportedly arrested three drivers for DUI. Additionally, they issued 23 seat belt citations along with about 20 other moving violations.

The department said they collaborated with Illinois State Police as well as other police departments in an effort to reduce accidents and traffic-related deaths. They seek to remind motorists to never drive while intoxicated and always buckle up. Officers said any person who drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be arrested.

Without question, being arrested and receiving a DUI charge can definitely ruin holidays, or any day for that matter. A person can be arrested any time they are suspected of driving while intoxicated. Those in Illinois who are facing a DUI charge have options that can help them during this stressful time. Any individual who is charged has the right to seek legal representation. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can protect rights and help individuals achieve the best possible outcome.

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