Drivers can receive a DUI charge without consuming alcohol

Driving under the influence is a very serious charge that can mean jail time and significant fines. Additionally, a DUI charge can ruin reputations and stay on person’s record, hampering any attempts at future employment. However, many Illinois residents are unaware that a DUI charge is possible if a driver is operating a motor vehicle with drugs in his or her system. Driving under the influence of drugs is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Using drugs before driving, prescription or recreational, can land a person behind bars.

A recent accident in Grandview resulted in injuries to two people and left one driver facing a DUI charge. The crash happened on Illinois Route 16 just before noon. According to reports, a westbound vehicle crossed the center line of the roadway and collided with the front driver’s side of an eastbound vehicle.

Authorities said the drivers of both vehicles were injured in the crash and transported to a local hospital for treatment. Reportedly, a juvenile passenger was not injured but taken to a medical facility as a precaution. Police said the driver who crossed into oncoming traffic was charged with driving under the influence of drugs as well as improper lane usage.

Although a DUI charge is not a conviction, receiving this type of charge can be devastating. It is important for Illinois citizens to know that there are options available that can help them achieve the best possible outcome. Any person who has received a criminal charge has the right to legal representation. A skilled litigator can ensure that rights are protected and provide guidance throughout this process.

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