Drug charges: Man arrested and searched at traffic stop

It’s no secret that illegal drug use continues to be a very big problem not only in the state of Illinois but across the United States. Law enforcement agencies everywhere are ramping up efforts to combat illegal drugs and drug activity. These efforts include increased patrols, traffic checkpoints and extensive searches. To legally search a private residence, a search warrant must be obtained. If no warrant has been obtained by authorities, those who are arrested on drug charges stand a good chance of having their charges reduced or thrown out.

Recently, a man in Bloomington was arrested on drug charges near a traffic stop. According to reports, police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle near the intersection of Clobertin Court and Four Seasons Road. The man walked up to the traffic stop and began interfering with police efforts, police reports said.

Police said they arrested the man for obstructing a peace officer. Reportedly, police searched the man and found four ecstasy pills on him. A search warrant was executed on the man’s residence where authorities located 26 ecstacy pills, 1.5 grams of cocaine and other evidence, according to police reports.

Being arrested and charged is a very serious and difficult thing to experience. Those who are arrested on drug charges face huge fines and many years of incarceration. Fortunately, there are options available to assist those who have been charged. Any Illinois resident has the right to seek legal representation. A skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney can increase the odds of obtaining the best possible outcome while protecting individual rights throughout this stressful and difficult process.