Off-duty officer arrested and charged with DUI

Without question, being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol can be incredibly humiliating and ruin a person’s reputation. Those who are arrested and charged with DUI can have their careers and lives basically destroyed. Not only is the experience embarrassing, but it is extremely worrisome and those charged often suffer through sleepless nights filled with anxiety. Recently, an Illinois State Police officer was arrested and charged with DUI while he was off-duty.

Reportedly, the man was driving through Crystal Lake in an unmarked patrol car. Reports said that Crystal Lake police officers followed the man for a while before initiating a traffic stop for speeding. According to reports, the man had trouble parking his vehicle and accidentally set off the lights and sirens before speaking to officers. Officers said that they noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the man’s vehicle and he struggled to speak.

Reports said the man also had trouble maintaining his balance. The man told officers that he and a passenger were on their way back to his home in Lake in the Hills, according to reports. Officers said they arrested the man and charged him with DUI. Reportedly, he has been placed on restricted duty by the Illinois State Police Department.

Fortunately, there are options available for any person who has been charged with a criminal offense in the state of Illinois. Individuals who have been charged with a DUI have the right to consult a legal representative. Obtaining the services of an experienced litigator could help obtain the best possible outcome and ensure that rights are protected.

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