Those hit with drug charges are innocent until proven guilty

Being charged with a criminal offense can cause a person to experience fear, anxiety and a myriad of emotions. Any criminal charge can be troubling and have lifelong negative ramifications. Without question, any kind of drug charge is a very serious matter. In the state of Illinois, drug charges are far too common, and those convicted face incredibly steep penalties, sometimes even years behind bars.

Recently, a man in Chicago was arrested and now faces several serious charges. According to reports, police in West Chicago executed a search warrant and searched the man’s home. In doing so, police said they located a safe inside a closet in the man’s bedroom.

Reports said police found a handgun sitting on the safe and also found drugs inside the safe. Reportedly, the drugs included 26 grams of fentanyl, 462 grams of cocaine and nearly 90 grams of mushrooms. Police also said they found a duffel bag containing cannabis. Police arrested the man and charged him with possession with intent to deliver cannabis, two counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and other charges. He faces 12 to 50 years in prison.

Although these are very serious charges, any person who is charged with criminal offenses in the state of Illinois is presumed innocent until — and only if — proved guilty. Fortunately, those who are arrested on drug charges have options that could help them increase the odds of obtaining the best possible outcome from the court proceedings. An experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can protect individual rights and provide much-needed guidance throughout this arduous process.