Out-of-state man charged with attempted murder in Illinois

Disputes can arise at any time of day for a variety of different reasons. While most disputes involve a verbal exchange, they can sometimes lead to violence. In some cases, a person might feel that it is necessary to take action to protect him or herself. Unfortunately, a man from out-of-state now faces accusations of attempted murder following a recent shooting in Illinois.

The incident happened at a truck stop in Illinois on a day in June. Reports indicate that just before 5 p.m., the 57-year-old driver of a tractor-trailer believed that another tractor-trailer driver was blocking the road. Police claim that the driver of the former retrieved a gun from his vehicle and shot into the cab of the second tractor-trailer twice, grazing the driver.

Police claim that the first man then drove a short distance away. He allegedly parked the tractor-trailer before swallowing 30 pills in what law enforcement officials believe was a suicide attempt. The man was taken into custody and is being held on $750,000 bail.

The man faces several other criminal charges in addition to attempted murder, including criminal damage to property and gun charges. Because media typically only has access to one side of an incident such as this, there are often multiple details that are not included in initial media reports. In all cases involving criminal charges, defendants are presumed innocent unless and until there is sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because many people charged with a crime in Illinois have little legal training or experience, they often rely on legal professionals to guide them throughout the process.