Woman faces drug charges after interstate traffic stop

Those who are hit with criminal charges could be facing some of the most challenging times of their lives. All criminal charges are serious, but drug charges are some of the most weighty offenses. Those who face these types of charges can have their reputations tarnished and their entire lives basically ruined. However, those in Illinois who face drug charges should keep in mind that these are only charges and not convictions.

Recently, Illinois State Police said they arrested a women after allegedly finding drugs in her possession during a traffic stop. According to police reports, the woman was pulled over on Interstate 74 near Bloomington. After seeing suspicious activity, reports said a trooper escorted in a police dog.

Reports said the dog alerted to the smell of drugs. Police said they found 14 pounds of mushrooms, 143 pounds of marijuana and 9 pounds of cannabis wax. The woman was arrested and faces six charges, including cannabis trafficking and controlled substance trafficking, according to police. Reportedly, the woman owned a child care center in another state.

These are very serious charges, but for the woman accused to be convicted, the charges against her must be proved in court and beyond a reasonable doubt by the prosecution. In Illinois, any individual who faces drug charges has options available that may help them achieve the best possible outcome. Every person has the right to consult a legal representative. A knowledgeable and experienced litigator can determine a strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome while protecting individual rights throughout this process.