DUI: Illinois State Police plan safety check for Labor Day weekend

As summer draws to a close, workers in Illinois and across the country look forward to the Labor Day holiday weekend. Labor Day weekend is traditionally a time of relaxation, barbecues and fun. However, this holiday is also one of the most deadly and is the fourth most dangerous holiday weekend on American roadways. According to statistics, nearly 40 percent of traffic deaths during the Labor Day weekend are the result of DUI.

Police forces in Illinois are taking measures to keep motorists safe this Labor Day weekend. In Des Plaines, the Illinois State Police are reportedly planning a Roadside Safety Check along I-294. In a statement, the ISP said officers will be on the lookout for drivers who operate vehicles in an unsafe manner.

Officers will be checking for motorists who are driving under the influence of alcohol or transporting open alcoholic beverages. Police will also be checking for drivers who are driving with suspended or revoked licenses. The ISP said they have zero tolerance for impaired driving and are ramping up efforts to take dangerous DUI offenders off the road.

It goes without saying that being arrested for DUI can turn a weekend of fun into a disaster. If police suspect impairment, an individual can receive a DUI charge even if he or she passes sobriety tests. Illinois residents who have been charged with a DUI should know that they have they options available to help defend against this charge. An experienced and skilled litigator can increase the odds of achieving the best possible outcome and protect individual rights throughout this process.

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