Teen facing felony criminal charges after alleged threat

It is common for young people to make mistakes and not fully think through their actions. Of course, if they make someone else feel threatened, that mistake could lead to criminal charges. As a result, a juvenile could end up in need of a criminal defense if authorities charge him or her with a crime.

It was recently reported that a threat to a school resulted in charges for an Illinois teen. Apparently, the 15-year-old girl allegedly made threats about a shooting at the high school. However, the report did not have information about how the threats were made or what caused the girl to become a suspect. The principal of the school sent out a message to parents indicating that the threat did not seem credible but that he could not go into details about the situation.

The teen is currently facing three counts of felony disorderly conduct. The report did not have information on whether the girl was taken into custody or if she was turned over to her parents. More information about the incident may become available at a later time.

At such a young age, it is easy to let feelings control one’s actions. This young Illinois girl may have been in a difficult situation and lashed out, or the entire situation could be a misunderstanding as the available information revealed little about the ordeal. Nonetheless, the teen is facing serious criminal charges, and it will likely be in her best interests to understand her available defense options, what could happen with her case and whether her age will play a role.