A child in the vehicle can enhance DUI charges

Making good decisions is not a strong point for everyone. Regrettably, some people who do not make the best decisions could find themselves in difficult predicaments more often than not. It is not unusual for certain bad decisions to result in criminal charges, especially for DUI if a person consumed alcohol and got behind the wheel.

It was recently reported that one woman in Illinois was taken into custody for a DUI. Apparently, the woman was driving a vehicle late one night when she hit a parked car. An officer stopped the woman’s vehicle, but it was unclear whether the officer witnessed the event or was alerted to the situation in another way. Nonetheless, the officer questioned the woman and purportedly discovered that she had a suspended driver’s license, did not have insurance and had a child in the vehicle.

For reasons not disclosed in the report, the officer suspected that the woman was intoxicated. As a result, she was taken into custody on an aggravated DUI charge due to having a child in the vehicle at the time of the incident. At the time of the report, she had been released from custody on a $25,000 bail and has a court date set for next month.

A bad decision does not have to reflect on a person’s life forever. However, if this Illinois woman is convicted of the aggravated DUI charge, she could face lasting consequences. As a result, she undoubtedly wants to do her best to defend against the allegations in hopes of protecting her future.

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