Multiple drug charges filed after traffic stop

Though getting pulled over by a police officer is a common event, some people face harsher punishments after a stop than just a traffic ticket. In fact, some officers may suspect that people inside a vehicle may be carrying out illegal activity, and as a result, they may feel the need to investigate further. Unfortunately for those in the vehicle, this could mean that drug charges result.

This was the outcome for two people in Illinois. According to reports, an officer conducted a traffic stop after allegedly witnessing unspecified traffic violations. During the stop, the officer purportedly felt there was probable cause to search the vehicle, but details were not given in the report regarding what that cause was.

The search reportedly resulted in the officers finding pills, cannabis, crack cocaine and powder cocaine. They also allegedly found materials for packaging drugs. As a result, the individuals in the vehicle, a 22-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man, were taken into custody on charges of manufacturing and delivery of cocaine and manufacturing and delivery of methamphetamine as well as other drug-related charges. At the time of the report, they were both still in custody at a county jail.

It may be important for these individuals to thoroughly go over the circumstances of their arrests. In some cases, Illinois officers may make mistakes or not follow proper procedures that could result in the lowering or dismissal of charges. Of course, it is important that these parties explore their criminal defense options to determine the best way to handle the drug charges they face.