Traffic violations continue to be issues on Illinois roads

These days, making plans to go out with friends may not be as common as many Illinois residents would hope. As a result, fewer vehicles are constantly hitting the roadways, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that accidents have become a nonissue. In fact, with fewer vehicles on the road, some drivers may think they can bend the rules and commit traffic violations, which can quickly lead to crashes.

According to reports, the Chicago Department of Transportation indicated that incidents of speeding spiked 14% in recent weeks. This could be due to fewer vehicles on the roadways and individuals thinking that they face less risk of being involved in a crash. However, speeding is still causing crashes, and drivers should still practice save driving habits while behind the wheel.

Law enforcement across the state has started increasing visibility in hopes of keeping drivers from committing violations. As a result, those who do hit the road could be at risk of being stopped by police officers if they drive recklessly or exceed the speed limit. It is important to remember that even if fewer vehicles are on the road, certain conditions, like sharp curves or weather, could easily result in a driver losing control if he or she is speeding.

As officers attempt to keep speeding and other traffic violations under control, it is possible for more tickets to result. In the event that Illinois drivers do receive a ticket for speeding or another issue, they may wonder what to do. Fortunately, like with any accusation of violating the law, they can defend against the allegations, and contacting knowledgeable attorneys is typically the best first step.