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Evidence testing isn't always handled properly in criminal cases

Many different forms of evidence can arise when you are facing criminal charges. Some evidence may be subject to laboratory tests that must involve well-controlled collection, testing, and chain-of-custody protocols. Without these in place, there is a chance that evidence will be improperly tested.

3 ways to avoid drunk driving

We all make mistakes from time to time. You might sleep through your alarm and arrive to work late. Other times, you might have a bit too much to drink at dinner and get behind the wheel. While arriving late to work might get you a stern lecture from your boss, driving drunk could end in a driving under the influence (DUI) charge or, even worse, someone's death.

Your child’s rights as a juvenile in a criminal court

Facing a criminal charge as a juvenile is often extremely scary. If might even be more so for you, as a parent. In general, the criminal justice system in Illinois, like with most other states, can seem complex and hard to understand. The same is true for the juvenile justice system.

Illinois passes law to combat fraudulent opioid prescriptions

Like much of the United States, Illinois is currently fighting a massive battle against the over-prescription and abuse of opioids. In an attempt to combat the state’s opioid crisis, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a new piece of legislation last Wednesday that would target fraudulent drug prescriptions. The law would require licensed prescribers to check a database to see whether patients have already been prescribed certain controlled substances.

Are you facing fraud charges?

When you work in the professional world, the lines around what is an acceptable business practice are often blurry, or you may face untrue accusations that you defrauded someone. These allegations are serious, and could cost you your career if you don't do everything you can to resolve the matter fairly and quickly.

How do I fight drug charges in Illinois?

Many people inaccurately assume that Illinois's status as a state with a medical marijuana exemption means that fighting drug charges in Illinois is easy. However, while medical marijuana does provide leniency to those who qualify for it, other types of drug possession charges do not often get a soft response from the prosecution.

Can I get DUI charges dismissed if I was over the limit?

Regardless of how you received your drunk driving charges, you have the right to fight for their dismissal. Instead of wishing that you could undo the poor choice to drink and drive, you can now focus on defeating the charges and moving on to make better choices in the future. Hopefully, you have the clarity of mind to make the most of the opportunity and use every tool at your disposal to build a strong defense.

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