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Out-of-state man charged with attempted murder in Illinois

Disputes can arise at any time of day for a variety of different reasons. While most disputes involve a verbal exchange, they can sometimes lead to violence. In some cases, a person might feel that it is necessary to take action to protect him or herself. Unfortunately, a man from out-of-state now faces accusations of attempted murder following a recent shooting in Illinois.

Criminal defense vital when facing theft and fraud charges

The work place environment provides a number of opportunities for individuals. It affords the Illinois resident the opportunity to learn skills, interact with other people, earn a living and much more. In some instances, it also provides the individual with private information related to customers and others who depend upon the business. It is often understood that this information will remain confidential and not used for other purposes that may lead to the need for a criminal defense if the information obtained is misused.

Woman may assert criminal defense of insanity in stowaway case

Illinois recognizes the right of mentally ill and insane persons to be represented by counsel and receive a complete and vigorous defense to criminal charges. A person who is arrested must also be determined to be able to understand the charges and participate in his or her own defense or be declared mentally unfit to stand trial. Those who are declared to be mentally unfit may under certain circumstances be placed in a mental facility until they are declared capable of engaging in a criminal defense to the charges.

The weight of eyewitness testimony in a criminal trial

Eyewitness testimony is a critical part of many criminal trials in Illinois and across the country. People who were present at the scene of the crime often tell their accounts of what happened when the crime occurred. The judges and juries listening to these eyewitness accounts place heavy weight on the details of their stories. In fact, testimonies may sway the jury to declare the defendant guilty or not guilty, simply based on the account of one or more people. What many people don't realize, however, is that many of these accounts are not accurate and are often unreliable when it comes to giving solid facts regarding the crime. Eyewitness misidentification, environmental influences and limitations of the human memory can all cause errors and potentially send an innocent person to prison.

Misdemeanors, felonies and petty offenses explained

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Illinois, you may be confused by the many terms used in court documents. We at Jim Ryan and Associates not only fight for your rights, but also work to make sure you understand exactly what these complicated terms mean.

Long-term effects of a criminal conviction

When a person is convicted of a criminal charge in Illinois, they have to face the penalty handed down by the court. However, it is the related results of a conviction that will have the longest lasting effects. Often referred to as collateral consequences, related results of a criminal conviction affect many other aspects of a person’s life. The assumption that a person has paid his or her debt to society by completing the court’s sentencing requirements is simply not true.

Hedge fund boss faces charges in $1 billion fraud case

Federal authorities announced last week that they are unsealing an indictment which charges a hedge fund boss and several deputies in a major fraud case, involving 1$ billion. In federal courts, you are charged with an indictment which is issued by grand juries. The indictment is the formal document that lists the charges against you and justifies your arrest and seizure of property for evidence.

Guilty Pleas: are they ever a good idea?

Pleading guilty is a challenging endeavor, it feels like you are admitting that you did a wrong. But sometimes pleading guilty is a good choice. Most of the time the prosecutor will drop some charges, mitigate the sentence, or even allow you to enter a diversion program (to avoid criminal penalties). This post will go over the warning signs on when you should consider a guilty plea.

Bail is expensive for many people

New Orleans is a case example of a wider problem that is gripping the country. The United States is confronting a new issue in criminal justice. The United States, unlike most of the rest of the world, utilizes a for-profit system of bail. The bail system is facing increasing pressure from criminal justice reformers. The post will go over the bail system and how you can get caught up in it.

DUI probation: the basics

Getting arrested is scary. You are cuffed, driven to county lock-up, fingerprinted, and dropped in a holding cell, usually with dozens of other offenders. Understandably, you want to do anything you can to avoid further incarceration, and therefore plea bargains offer an attractive alternative to end the process quickly and negotiate a deal that keeps you out of prison. This post will go over DUIs and how probation may work for you.

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