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Family of domestic violence victim seek to bring awareness

Facing any kind of criminal charge can be extremely stressful, worrisome and can ruin a person's future. In Illinois, it seems that instances of domestic violence are on the rise. Domestic violence is a big problem across the state and those who are convicted can face many years of jail time and other harsh penalties. Even if allegations of domestic abuse turn out to be false, the damage done to those who are accused can be permanent and irreversible.

New bill may help reduce domestic violence

Violent crimes have been thrust into the spotlight recently by national and local media. Charges of this type can have devastating consequences and can ruin reputations. Domestic violence charges cover a wide range of categories. Almost any crime can turn into a domestic offense; all that is needed is an intimate relationship between the victim and accused. In order to meet the problem of violent crimes head on, Illinois lawmakers recently signed a bill that would allow those convicted of certain crimes to enter rehabilitation programs instead of jail.

Domestic violence accusations are on the rise

A criminal charge, although serious, is only an accusation of a crime. However, just charges alone can severely damage one's personal and professional reputation. Domestic violence is a horrible thing that occurs way too frequently, and the state of Illinois has harsh penalties for those convicted. However, there are also many instances where allegations were proved to be false.

Man arrested for domestic violence claims he is falsely accused

Facing criminal charges of any type can create a challenging and stressful time. Domestic violence charges are especially daunting for the accused, not only for the potential consequences but also for the effects on child custody a conviction could bring. One recent incident has ended up in an Illinois criminal courtroom.

Domestic violence charges may involve many forms of this crime

Being accused of being abusive toward a domestic partner can be disheartening, as it can ruin an individual's reputation and even his or her future. Fortunately, those who are accused of domestic violence in Illinois are not immediately guilty according to the law. Instead, they have the right to aggressively fight their charges.

Illinois law is not lenient regarding domestic violence charges

Illinois law is tough on domestic abuse. For instance, when police are called to homes as a result of domestic violence accusations, they legally must make arrests if signs of injury are present. Furthermore, Illinois has what is called a no-drop policy, meaning that these types of charges will never be dropped, even if the accusers end up changing their stories.

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