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Survey results of Illinois DUI arrests released

In the United States, driving under the influence of alcohol is a very serious charge. A DUI charge can drastically affect a person's life and have permanent implications. Those hit with a DUI charge face jail time and steep penalties. Police departments across the state of Illinois have ramped up efforts to combat drunk driving in recent years.

DUI: Woman facing possible charges after Chicago crash

Facing an arrest in Illinois can be a stressful and traumatic experience. However, being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving can be especially humiliating. Getting locked in the back of a police car, having a mug shot taken and being thrown into a jail cell are scenarios that no one wants to face. As with many other criminal offenses, a DUI charge can have serious implications.

2 separate crashes result in drivers receiving DUI charges

These days, roadways across the state of Illinois are crowded and constantly congested with traffic. Due to the number of vehicles sharing these roadways, accidents become almost inevitable. Motor vehicle accidents can happen for a number of reasons, but getting a DUI charge can make the experience of an accident even more stressful and traumatic. A couple of recent accidents near Bradley left two drivers facing DUI charges.

Illinois man charged with DUI, found not guilty

In the state of Illinois and across the country, a charge of driving under the influence can quickly lead to jail time as well as fines for those convicted. A DUI charge can also mean many sleepless nights filled with anxiety and worry, along with added stress on family members. However, just because an individual is charged with DUI does not mean he or she will be convicted. Recently, an Algonquin man was found not guilty after he was hit with a drunk driving charge.

Illinois man receives DUI charge after crash

Car accidents are unpredictable and can happen in the blink of an eye. Accidents can happen for a multitude of reasons and have a wide range of future impacts. However, when a person receives a DUI charge regarding an accident, the ramifications can be severe and do permanent damage to a person's career and reputation. An Illinois man is facing DUI charges after police say he crashed his vehicle and left the scene.

2 drivers hit with DUI charges after crash

Those that receive a charge such as driving under the influence of alcohol can be faced with moments of great stress and anxiety. A DUI charge can do irreversible damage to a person's reputation and psyche. Even though the potential penalties can mean jail time and/or fines, it is helpful to know that a charge is not a conviction.

Although serious, a DUI charge is not a conviction

A charge for driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while intoxicated can do irreversible damage not only to a person's record but also to his or her reputation. In the state of Illinois, the penalties for a DUI charge can mean hefty fines and even jail time, should a conviction result. These consequences can cause many sleepless nights full of anxiety and worry. However, a DUI charge is far from a conviction.

Car crash kills Illinois man; brother facing DUI charge

A 22-year-old man is dead after a fatal car wreck. The deceased man was in the hatch area of an SUV, which didn't have a formal seat. His brother, 28, has been charged with DUI after allegedly smashing the vehicle into a guardrail on an exit ramp off a major highway.  There were also five people in the front seat. There were two other passengers injured.

Teen driver faces DUI charges for death of her teen passenger

Prosecutors are often relentless when they charge a person for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. DUI accusations can result in many sleepless nights for individuals who are worried about potential fines, suspension of their drivers' licenses and even potential jail time. However, blood tests and field sobriety tests are not foolproof, and thus not all charges result in convictions. A recent incident in Illinois resulted in a teenage driver facing serious criminal allegations.

DUI suspected in fatal Illinois wrong-way crash

Car accidents can happen any moment for a variety of different reasons. Even when drivers are typically safe and follow traffic rules, something as simple as making a wrong turn can have devastating consequences. Unfortunately, Illinois State Police believe that a recent accident was caused by DUI rather than a simple mistake.

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