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Avoid DUI and drink responsibly this New Year’s Eve

You and many other Illinois residents are likely gearing up for a New Year’s Eve celebration. You may enjoy this holiday because it gives you the opportunity to reflect on the year that is coming to a close and to consider your goals and resolutions for the coming year. Of course, it likely also means that you will be out late with friends. If youContinue reading

Officer facing drug-related allegations for possession

Facing criminal charges can have a serious impact on a person’s life. It is possible for allegations to affect the accused individual’s career, family life and personal freedom. Drug-related allegations in particular can come with serious consequences if a conviction takes place, and the accused person will certainly want to combat such an outcome as best as possible. One man in Illinois will undoubtedly beContinue reading

Apparent misunderstanding leads to murder charge

When a misunderstanding occurs, it is possible for the outcomes to be more serious than some people may imagine. For example, if a person believes that another individual has harmed his or her family, that person may feel the need to seek retribution. However, that desire could go too far, and in some circumstances the person could end up facing serious criminal charges for murder.Continue reading

Affirmative defenses for DUI charges

Receiving a DUI charge can be terrifying for anyone. However, not everyone gets behind the wheel under the influence due to negligence. In some instances, it may be a matter of life and death, or someone drugged them without their knowledge. When this happens, a person may have a valid case for their actions, even if they were illegal. If someone end’s up going toContinue reading

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College students with drug convictions can face heavy penalties

For many young adults, college is a time for experimentation. It’s no secret that partying, drinking and drug use on college campuses is widespread. Getting caught with drugs can have far-reaching effects on a college student’s future. The following are three ways a drug possession charge can negatively impact college students: Jail time and fines. Possession of a controlled substance can be a misdemeanor or a felony.Continue reading

Illinois DUI arrests: Facts and figures

Earlier this year, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White sent out the state’s DUI factbook. The document covers just about every facet of being arrested for drunk driving in Illinois. Topics covered include BAC (blood alcohol content), driver’s license revocation (plus license suspension and reinstatement), fake IDs, interlock ignition devices, snowmobiles, open containers and much more. As our regular Naperville criminal defense blog readers know, aContinue reading

Countering domestic violence charges in Illinois

Serious legal, financial and personal troubles can sometimes lead to, and result from, a domestic violence arrest. Many people facing a domestic violence charge find reaching out can be key to getting beyond the challenge. One first step can be understanding some basic issues about answering domestic violence charges. Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise First, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard that accusers shouldContinue reading

Lawmakers reassess financial aid rules regarding drug charges

Those charged with burglary can still get federal financial aid for college. However, current policies can make it difficult for students with drug charges to get the same federal financial support. That’s due to recent changes in federal aid application for the next school year, which includes a question about selling or possession charges. If a student answers that they were charged, the Department of Education couldContinue reading

How closely can the school monitor your child?

After the high number of recent school shootings, some school districts are considering implementing new technology. This technology would scan students’ social media posts, online school assignments and even emails for potential threats. There is controversy over these new technological practices. Of course, school districts, parents, police officers and the community want school shootings to end. Thus, school districts are willing to implement any technology that mayContinue reading


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