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Fighting Domestic Violence And Domestic Battery Charges

The state of Illinois is tough when it comes to charges of domestic abuse. When a police officer is called to a home due to allegations of domestic violence, the officer is required to make an arrest if there is any sign of injury. The state also has a no-drop policy, which means the charges will not be dropped under any circumstances — meaning the prosecutor will not drop the charges because the alleged victim changed his or her story.

At Jim Ryan & Associates in Naperville, we are just as tough when it comes to defending people facing domestic violence charges. We are dedicated to criminal defense, and our goal is always to protect your rights. We represent people in the Chicago metropolitan area with a focus in DuPage County, the western suburbs and Naperville.

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The Potential Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Charge

The consequences of conviction for either misdemeanor or felony domestic violence can be severe. Supervision is not an option. You can face fines and jail time — domestic abuse on your record can affect child custody and visitation decisions or impact your immigration status. These crimes cannot be expunged from your record.

In domestic violence cases, even before a conviction the court can issue temporary orders of protection. If you have been accused of a violation of an order of protection, you may face additional criminal charges or other serious consequences. We are prepared to defend you in a contempt of court case or violation of a protection order case in addition to the domestic assault charge.

We are trial lawyers. While we certainly want to reach an outcome in the most efficient manner possible, we do not believe in trading speed for effectiveness. If we are unable to reach a fair plea agreement that protects your rights, we are ready to take your case into the courtroom. We thrive in front of a judge and jury. We will not hesitate to use that venue to demonstrate our skills and fight for justice.

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