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Defending Your Rights During Drunk Driving Cases

If you have been charged with drunk driving, our criminal defense lawyers want to help. At the law firm of Jim Ryan & Associates, we are committed to defending your rights, your reputation and your future from the potentially destructive impact of a DUI conviction. We are a team of dedicated attorneys who work hard to get results. Let us show you the options available to limit the damage of DUI.

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At Jim Ryan & Associates, our attorneys are available to provide strong defense for people charged with felony or misdemeanor DUI/DWI in the Chicago metropolitan area with a focus in DuPage County, the western suburbs and Naperville.

The Harsh Penalties You Can Face

Potential consequences of a drunk driving conviction range from fines and a suspended or revoked driver’s license to jail time. In cases involving felony DUI/DWI or repeat drunk driving charges, you could face anything from probation to prison time. You run the risk of having your car outfitted with a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) or having the new Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) device attached to your ankle to constantly monitor your alcohol consumption. You could lose your ability to get certain jobs, live in certain apartments, get into the college of your choice or face other serious life consequences.

A DUI can happen to anyone. Our law firm frequently represents professionals such as doctors and other lawyers facing drunk driving charges. And the embarrassment that accompanies a drunk driving charge cannot be overstated as a DUI can bring about unwanted publicity and become part of public record.

We are here to protect your rights and minimize those consequences. We will handle the consequences of your drunk driving charge from start to finish, including the criminal aspect and the penalties to your driver’s license. We will represent you at your driver’s license suspension and revocation hearing to restore your driving privileges.

What Our Attorneys Can Do For You

Our DUI/DWI defense attorneys will:

  • Interview you to find out the circumstances surrounding your DUI/DWI arrest. How much did you drink? Why did the officer pull you over? What tests were given?
  • Explain the process, making certain you understand how the system works, what to expect, what steps need to be taken to protect your rights.
  • Review the police reports to understand the police’s and prosecution’s version of the allegations against you.
  • Develop a legal strategy that is dedicated to protecting your rights and minimizing the impact on your future.
  • Stand with you, representing you at every step of the process. We will aggressively defend you in the DMV hearing and in the criminal courtroom.

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