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Juvenile crimes: Leaders come together for reform

Youth and rebellious behavior go together like socks and shoes. The majority of adolescents will rebel at some point and participate in activities that are not always legal, oftentimes out of boredom. Unfortunately, one bad decision can potentially ruin the entire life of a juvenile. Those who are charged with juvenile crimes in Illinois can have their futures stripped from them.

Recently, nearly 100 youth advocates came together for a first-of-its-kind event known as the First Circuit Juvenile Justice Council Symposium. The focus of the symposium is for leaders to learn how to rehabilitate juveniles who have been in the court system, and also how to prevent youth from entering the justice system. The attendees included attorneys, counselors, judges and probation workers.

Even under the limit, you can get a DUI

You moved to the neighborhood you're in today because of its well-known reputation for safety. What you didn't expect is how often the neighborhood would have parties or events that exposed you to alcohol or drugs.

Recently, you stayed late at a local party, and you decided to drive back. The roads were pretty much void of other vehicles in Naperville, so you decided to drive despite being intoxicated. Of course, knowing that there were parties that night, there were officers in the area who were looking for reckless and intoxicated drivers.

Drug charges can be absolutely devastating

Illinois is notoriously tough on those convicted of crimes, with offenders facing steep penalties and potentially long periods of prison time. The chance of going to jail is enough to induce great worry and anxiety in any person. However, those who are arrested on drug charges face more than just jail time as these types of charges can tarnish personal records and prevent chances for future employment. Drug charges can ruin lives.

Two women in Crown Point face drug charges after police allegedly located drugs in their vehicle. According to police reports, the women were traveling on U.S. 41 and were pulled over by police for tinted windows and speeding. As they spoke to the driver of the vehicle, police  say the woman was breathing fast and heavy and her hands where shaking.

Another Illinois lawmaker charged with DUI

A charge of driving under the influence can mean many sleepless nights filled with worry and stress. A DUI charge is also extremely humiliating and can do irreparable damage to reputations and careers. Reportedly, another Illinois lawmaker was recently arrested and charged with DUI.

The man is a state representative and was in Springfield at the time of his arrest. According to police reports, the man was traveling 47 mph in a 30 mph zone so officers initiated a traffic stop. Reports said the man was stopped by officers just before midnight at the intersection of Eastdale Avenue and South Grand Avenue East. Police said the man pulled his pickup truck onto a curb as he stopped.

Being charged with juvenile crimes can ruin lives

It goes without saying that most juveniles will participate in rebellious behavior at some point. Adolescence is not only a period of growth and change, but also a time notorious for rebellion. Some cases of juvenile crimes turn out to be nothing more than bored youngsters just trying to be daring or impress their peers. Sometimes, however, juveniles in Illinois participate in very serious crimes.

Recently in Carbondale, a juvenile reportedly led police on a chase through town. Police said they responded to reports of a stolen vehicle near the 800 block of Old Illinois 13 during the overnight hours. According to reports, officers located the car but the driver refused to stop, fled the scene and led officers on a chase.

Those hit with drug charges are innocent until proven guilty

Being charged with a criminal offense can cause a person to experience fear, anxiety and a myriad of emotions. Any criminal charge can be troubling and have lifelong negative ramifications. Without question, any kind of drug charge is a very serious matter. In the state of Illinois, drug charges are far too common, and those convicted face incredibly steep penalties, sometimes even years behind bars.

Recently, a man in Chicago was arrested and now faces several serious charges. According to reports, police in West Chicago executed a search warrant and searched the man's home. In doing so, police said they located a safe inside a closet in the man's bedroom.

Domestic violence involving strangulation is more serious

The state of Illinois takes a firm stance against all forms of domestic violence. People can face criminal charges for violence against their partner, their parents or their children.

However, there are certain forms of domestic violence that Illinois lawmakers and law enforcement associate with higher risk. Therefore, these particular forms of assault can be much more serious for the person facing allegations of domestic abuse or assault.

Off-duty officer arrested and charged with DUI

Without question, being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol can be incredibly humiliating and ruin a person's reputation. Those who are arrested and charged with DUI can have their careers and lives basically destroyed. Not only is the experience embarrassing, but it is extremely worrisome and those charged often suffer through sleepless nights filled with anxiety. Recently, an Illinois State Police officer was arrested and charged with DUI while he was off-duty.

Reportedly, the man was driving through Crystal Lake in an unmarked patrol car. Reports said that Crystal Lake police officers followed the man for a while before initiating a traffic stop for speeding. According to reports, the man had trouble parking his vehicle and accidentally set off the lights and sirens before speaking to officers. Officers said that they noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the man's vehicle and he struggled to speak. 

New legislation raises the dentention age for juvenile crimes

These days in America, it seems that youth are lacking the proper guidance. Juveniles experience things differently than adults and often need to be shown direction instead of being harshly reprimanded. However, the criminal justice system in the United States was not set up to favor juvenile offenders. Fortunately, lawmakers in Illinois have recently taken steps to reform the juvenile justice system in an attempt to rehabilitate those convicted of juvenile crimes.

A new bill is currently going through the Illinois House that could change the lives of some kids who find themselves in legal trouble. Currently, the minimum age for juvenile detention Illinois is age 10. However, the new bill raises this age to 13.

State representative blames exhaustion for a DUI charge

Receiving a charge for driving under the influence of alcohol can be extremely humiliating and greatly tarnish reputations. Recently, an Illinois state representative was arrested and charged with DUI at a traffic light. The man alleges he fell asleep and was wrongfully charged. The representative claims the DUI charge was nothing more than a result of exhaustion.

According to reports, the incident occurred around 3:00 am at a traffic light at the intersection of 2nd and Adams Street in Springfield. Police said they found the man asleep behind the wheel while his vehicle was running. They said the man slept through four cycles of the traffic light.

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