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Juvenile Crimes: New data supports reform in Illinois

It's no secret that crime among youth is an ongoing problem in the United States. Illinois and many other states have recognized the need for reform in order to reduce juvenile crimes. Studies have shown that youth may benefit more from rehabilitation rather than detention. According to recent data, newly implemented changes are making an impact across the state.

Data complied by the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission shows that nearly 500 fewer juveniles were detained in Illinois in 2017 than in 2016. This equates to about a 5 percent decline. But what is causing the decline in juvenile detention? Supporters say that those who are involved in the juvenile justice system are finally recognizing problems associated with the overuse of detention among the youth population.

There are options available to defend against a DUI charge

It goes without saying that driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous things a person can do. Unfortunately, the state of Illinois sees high rates of intoxicated drivers, prompting police forces across the state to step up efforts to combat this problem. Getting hit with a DUI can be humiliating and leave a person filled with worry.

A man is facing a DUI charge after a recent accident in Effingham. The accident happened on North Lakeview Drive. According to reports, the man was traveling northeast when he lost control of his car, veered off the roadway and hit a tree, with the car coming to rest in a ditch.

Drug charges can sabotage personal records and reputations

Police in Illinois and across the United States are ramping up law enforcement efforts to reduce drug activity and the use of illegal drugs. Those who are arrested on drug-related charges can face very steep fines, and years of incarceration, not to mention irreparable damage to personal records and reputations. Unfortunately, drug charges have become far too common in the state of Illinois. These are some of the most serious criminal charges that any person can face.

Recently in Decatur, a man was arrested on drug charges while he was sitting in his parked car. According to police reports, officers came upon the man's car just after midnight as it was parked on West Packard Street. As officers investigated, they said they noticed the smell of cannabis coming from the vehicle.

DUI: Illinois State Police plan safey check for Labor Day weekend

As summer draws to a close, workers in Illinois and across the country look forward to the Labor Day holiday weekend. Labor Day weekend is traditionally a time of relaxation, barbecues and fun. However, this holiday is also one of the most deadly and is the fourth most dangerous holiday weekend on American roadways. According to statistics, nearly 40 percent of traffic deaths during the Labor Day weekend are the result of DUI.

Police forces in Illinois are taking measures to keep motorists safe this Labor Day weekend. In Des Plaines, the Illinois State Police are reportedly planning a Roadside Safety Check along I-294. In a statement, the ISP said officers will be on the lookout for drivers who operate vehicles in an unsafe manner.

Mistakes are part of growing up, but they have consequences

Everyone knows that making mistakes is a part of growing up. The truth is that most kids will make it through their youth without committing any serious crimes, but some will make mistakes that could come back to haunt them well into their futures.

Committing serious crimes such as murder or assault could result in being tried as an adult and facing adult penalties, despite the fact that teenagers and young adults may not fully understand the impact of their actions. In those cases, it's more than essential to have an attorney prepared to help.

A man receives drug charges after a search of his home

The home should be a place where a person can have freedom and much-needed privacy. Yet, when those in Illinois are suspected of possessing and using illegal drugs, it is not uncommon for law enforcement to invade the home and search the entire structure. However, a search warrant or consent must be obtained before law enforcement officers can legally enter a person's home. When police find evidence of illegal drug use, the home owner(s) can be hit with drug charges.

Recently, a man in Herrin was hit with drug-related charges after his home was searched. The man resided in the 700 block of North 6th Street. According to reports, the Herrin Police Department suspected drug activity to be occurring at the residence, so they searched the home along with the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group.

A DUI charge is troubling and can do damage to reputations

Those in Illinois who are arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol can understandably feel much worry and fear. No person wants to be arrested and charged with a criminal offense. However, a DUI charge, in and of itself, is not proof of anything. A driver was recently arrested in Northbrook and charged with DUI.

According to reports, the man was driving on the wrong side of the road and witnesses alerted police. Allegedly, the driver was observed swerving and driving erratically. Officers caught up with the driver in the parking lot of an office complex on Landwehr Road. A witness on the scene told officers that the driver was about to pick up a passenger at the complex, but the witness warned the passenger not to get in the vehicle.

Juvenile crimes: Law will help juveniles get needed treatment

It's no secret that crime among the juvenile population has been a problem in the state of Illinois for years. Fortunately, state officials and law enforcement agencies have recently recognized the need for reform. Several laws have been passed that focus on rehabilitation as opposed to incarceration and punishment. A new law in Illinois aims to help the parents of those convicted of juvenile crimes by allowing their children to get the needed mental health treatment without parents having to give up custody.

In the past, if a juvenile offender needed mental health treatment, and their parents were unable to afford it, they would have to give up custody to the Department of Children and Family Services in order to get treatment for their child. It costs around $100,000 per year for residential mental health treatment. If parents could not afford this, they had to decide between keeping custody or getting their child the treatment that he or she needed.

Annual DUI survey shows that arrests are up across the state

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a very real and concerning problem that continues to plague the country as well as the state of Illinois. According to statistics, one person in the United States dies every 48 minutes due to drunk driving. Police forces across Illinois have ramped up enforcement efforts to combat drunk driving. Recently, an annual survey was released, revealing information regarding DUI arrests across the state of Illinois.

The survey contains statistics about DUI arrests made in the past year in nearly every major Illinois city. Chicago, the state's largest city, had the highest number of DUI arrests at nearly 1,900, the survey said. Rockford came in next on the list with 552 DUI arrests last year, which was up almost 13 percent from the previous year.

Drug charges: 2 men arrested after their homes were searched

The experience of being arrested and thrown into the back of a police vehicle is incredibly embarrassing and often traumatic. However, being hit with drug charges can be absolutely devastating for an individual. These types of charges can stay on permanent records and prevent a person from gaining future employment. The state of Illinois is notoriously tough on those who are convicted of drug charges, with offenders often facing years prison time. Even if a conviction never happens, these types of charges can turn a person's life upside down.

Two men in Hennepin were recently arrested and hit with drug charges. According to official reports, police officers searched the homes of both men after an investigation. During the search, officers claim to have located drugs and drug paraphernalia, including items used to package and deliver drugs.

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