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2 men, 1 woman accused of connection with homicide

Maintaining focus in an overwhelming situation can be difficult. It can also be challenging to have to go through long periods of waiting when trying to handle a serious ordeal. Unfortunately, criminal cases can be overwhelming and take a long time to address. As a result, individuals facing serious charges, like those relating to a homicide, can easily feel stressed about their ordeals. Three individualsContinue reading

Are passengers permitted to drink alcohol in a car?

Everyone is familiar, or at least you should be now, that drivers are not permitted to drink alcohol while operating a vehicle. These charges are serious and could result in jail time. But are passengers permitted to drink alcohol in the car? Typically, passengers may not drink alcohol in a car but not because of the car is being driven ? this post will explore the rules governing alcoholContinue reading

Illinois man facing firearm, drug charges after traffic stop

For many people, traffic stops are not simple situations to endure. In many cases, officers stop a vehicle for what could be a minor violation, but during the stop, officers may feel that something more serious is taking place. If officers suspect that a driver has illegal substances within the vehicle, further investigation could lead to drug charges. This type of ordeal recently affected one manContinue reading

Did your work environment encourage unethical acts?

It is not unusual for otherwise innocent people to be a part of potentially questionable activity. You may have started your job with aspirations of gaining promotions, awards and other incentives offered by your employer. What you may not have expected, however, was to come under investigation for white-collar crime. It may be somewhat surprising to consider, but your work environment may have encouraged behaviorsContinue reading

Traffic violations continue to be issues on Illinois roads

These days, making plans to go out with friends may not be as common as many Illinois residents would hope. As a result, fewer vehicles are constantly hitting the roadways, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that accidents have become a nonissue. In fact, with fewer vehicles on the road, some drivers may think they can bend the rules and commit traffic violations, which can quicklyContinue reading

Gunshots lead to arrest of juvenile

Though the criminal justice system handles offenses involving juveniles differently than adults, teens and those even younger can still face serious consequences for their actions. If authorities believe that a juvenile has carried out illegal actions, that person could still face serious criminal charges, even at a young age. Unfortunately, the repercussions for charges could last a long time, which is why it is importantContinue reading

Multiple drug charges filed after traffic stop

Though getting pulled over by a police officer is a common event, some people face harsher punishments after a stop than just a traffic ticket. In fact, some officers may suspect that people inside a vehicle may be carrying out illegal activity, and as a result, they may feel the need to investigate further. Unfortunately for those in the vehicle, this could mean that drugContinue reading

A child in the vehicle can enhance DUI charges

Making good decisions is not a strong point for everyone. Regrettably, some people who do not make the best decisions could find themselves in difficult predicaments more often than not. It is not unusual for certain bad decisions to result in criminal charges, especially for DUI if a person consumed alcohol and got behind the wheel. It was recently reported that one woman in IllinoisContinue reading

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A grand jury indictment can lead to formal charges

You may have recently learned that authorities have you under investigation for a serious crime. Understandably, such information may have you feeling on edge and wondering what will happen to your future. Of course, it is important to remember that an investigation does not necessarily mean that you will face formal criminal charges. Typically, after an investigation, the prosecution will present evidence to a grandContinue reading


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