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Juvenile crimes drop in Illinois as schools get back in session

Unfortunately, criminal activity among the juvenile population is an ongoing problem across the state of Illinois. Especially during the summer months, kids get bored and often stay up later, which can be a combination for juvenile crimes. Most crimes by juveniles are minor things such as noise complaints, curfew violations and perhaps some petty misdemeanors. However, when a young person is hit with a criminal charge, he or she can be affected for a lifetime, no matter the nature of the crime.

Police forces in central Illinois are reporting a recent drop in crime rates among juveniles. Coincidentally, schools across the state have recently began new school years. Officers say that school keeps kids busy and kids are more tired after school so they aren't up as late.

Police in Chicago are increasing DUI patrols

Being arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated can be an embarrassing and humiliating thing to experience. In Illinois, those who are stopped by police on suspicion of DUI will usually be required to undergo a field sobriety test and/or a Breathalyzer test. However, Breathalyzer tests can give false readings, and some feel that field sobriety tests are the least reliable way to determine blood alcohol content. Regardless, failing any of these tests can result in a DUI arrest. Police departments across the state of Illinois are making efforts to crackdown on drunk driving.

Police in Chicago will be making special patrols in the near future, looking for drunk drivers. According to a recent community alert, the patrols will take place during an upcoming weekend. In what the department is calling the DUI Saturation Patrol, police say that will dispatch roving officers to a pre-designated area.

Vehicle search results in drug charges

The state of Illinois is known for being tough on drug offenders. The penalties for drug charges can be severe and those convicted could be sentenced to jail time. Although the prospect of going to jail is enough to fill anyone with worry and anxiety, drug charges can also blemish permanent records and impede future employment opportunities, thus sabotaging any ambitious attempts at personal development and improvement.

Recently, a man was arrested in Riley Township after police say they located drugs during a traffic stop. According to police, they initiated a traffic stop and asked the man if they could search his vehicle. During the search, police say they located ecstasy pills, oxycodone pills and thousands in cash.

Man sitting in a vehicle gets hit with a DUI charge

Those in Illinois who have faced an arrest along with criminal charges are familiar with the feelings of embarrassment and seemingly endless worry that often come with such an experience. Receiving a DUI charge in particular can greatly damage a person's record and show up on background checks, preventing them from obtaining future jobs or receiving loans. If convicted, offenders may face harsh punishment in the forms of steep fines, license suspension and even possible jail time. Unbeknown to many Illinois residents, it is possible to receive a DUI charge just by sitting in a vehicle.

This is what allegedly happened to a man in Decatur. According to reports, police discovered the man asleep in a vehicle in the parking lot of a Walmart. Allegedly, the man was asleep with the keys to the vehicle in his lap.

Violent crimes: When is there a right to defend yourself?

When you went out for a party, you didn't think you'd end up facing criminal charges. However, while you were having a good time, another person got too rowdy and began to attack you. You didn't do anything to provoke the act, but as a reaction, you stabbed the individual with your dinner knife.

You felt the reaction was justified, because you feared you'd be badly hurt if the individual continued to hit you. You're facing accusations of violent behavior. Will the court agree? Here are a few things that could justify self-defense.

There are options available to those facing drug charges

When an individual faces criminal charges after an arrest, the experience can be embarrassing and absolutely devastating. It's common knowledge that any criminal charge is a very serious offense, but drug charges in particular can affect a person for the rest of his or her life. In Illinois, these types of charges will show up on background checks, which can hamper job efforts and effect eligibility on things such as loans, child custody and college admission.

Recently, a woman was arrested in Lake Station and charged with drug possession. According to reports, authorities were dispatched to a residence in response to a call about a possible overdose. Reports say first responders arrived to find a man unconscious on the floor of the residence. Reportedly, the man was having trouble breathing and was taken via ambulance to a hospital.

Those charged with juvenile crimes can suffer for a lifetime

Rebellious behavior is a common trait among youth in Illinois and across the country. It's no secret that most teenagers will participate in delinquent behavior at some point in their young lives. For some juveniles, what starts out as harmless shenanigans may eventually evolve into criminal behavior. Being arrested is a frightening experience at any age. However, juvenile crimes can damage reputations and follow individuals for the rest of their lives.

Recently in Cahokia, a 16 year-old boy was arrested and charged with shooting three other teens. According to reports, the incident occurred at night on Westwood Drive. Police reports say that one boy died on the scene and two others were wounded.

Survey results of Illinois DUI arrests released

In the United States, driving under the influence of alcohol is a very serious charge. A DUI charge can drastically affect a person's life and have permanent implications. Those hit with a DUI charge face jail time and steep penalties. Police departments across the state of Illinois have ramped up efforts to combat drunk driving in recent years.

The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) conducted a survey of DUI arrests across the state of Illinois during the past year, and the results were recently released. With nearly 700 police departments participating, the purpose of the survey is to provide education, awareness and recognition to police departments that are the most productive. The Rockford Police Department ranked first in the state in DUI arrest with almost 500 for 2017.

In Illinois, the penalties for drug charges can be severe

Across the United States, those who are hit with criminal charges can face steep penalties as well as many sleepless nights full of worry and anxiety. Particularly, the state of Illinois can be relentless on those that are arrested on drug charges. The penalties for these types of charges can mean decades behind bars, high fines and permanent damage to reputations and permanent records. The fallout from drug charges can also include job loss as well as loss of funding and getting thrown out of school for those attending college.

Recently, police searched the home of an Elgin man and arrested him on drug charges. According to police, they had received complaints and reports that drugs were allegedly being sold from the home. Police say they obtained a search warrant and the department's SWAT team raided the home.

How will you know if you’re too drunk to drive?

If you never drink and drive you never have to worry about being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Unfortunately, this is not realistic in today's world. Many people drink alcohol for a variety of reasons, ranging from relieving stress to having a good time with friends and family.

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