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Drug charges: Mother petitions lawmakers for help

The United States is facing a very serious drug problem. Across the country, drug addiction is destroying families and ruining lives. The state of Illinois, in particular, has been notoriously tough on those convicted of drug charges. Penalties can include years of incarceration and massive fines, not to mention the humiliation and tarnished personal records that can hamper an individual for the rest of his or her life. A mother in suburban Chicago has petitioned lawmakers in an attempt to rescue her daughter from drug addiction.

The concerned mother says she is losing her daughter to drugs and is fighting to help her daughter get clean. According to the mother, her daughter started using drugs in high school. Attempts to convince the young girl to give up drugs have been fruitless, the mother says. Allegedly, her daughter has entered and left rehab over two dozen times, and her whereabouts are currently unknown. Although her daughter needs help, the mother claims that her daughter refuses help when she's under the influence of drugs.

Young driver charged with DUI after crashing

Driving while intoxicated has become an increasing problem across the state of Illinois, prompting police forces across the state to ramp up patrols and enforcement efforts. Illinois has strict penalties for those convicted of DUI. Just being arrested and charged with driving under the influence could result in lifelong ramifications for those who are formally accused. A DUI conviction can hinder future employment opportunities and ruin reputations.

A recent crash sent one person to the hospital and left a driver facing DUI charges. The accident happened on Tanglefoot Road in Perry County. According to reports, the driver of Ford pickup truck was traveling south when the truck left the roadway and overturned.

Communities across Illinois look to curb juvenile crimes

Naturally, crime rates will increase as populations continue to soar in Illinois cities. Recently, however, gang violence and juvenile crimes have been hot topics in the media. A number of factors have been contributing to the rise in crime among the juvenile population such as peer pressure, violence in the home and socioeconomic factors; the list goes on and on. Fortunately, steps are being taken in various cities and communities across Illinois to curb juvenile delinquency and gang violence.

The city of Springfield in particular has seen a spike in gang violence. Community activists in Springfield have stepped up efforts to reduce juvenile and gang violence and their hard work is paying off. To help troubled youth, mentorship opportunities have been implemented by various organizations such as Faith Coalition for the Common Good. Springfield police have also rolled out a program called Focused Deterrence, aimed at addressing gun violence.

Police misconduct can provide a basis for a strong defense

An arrest for just about any kind of crime can throw your life into a chaotic tailspin. It can affect your relationships, your living situation and even your employment.

If a simple arrest can cause so much chaos in your life, can you imagine what a conviction would bring? That potential impact is why it is critical to build a strong defense to criminal charges.

Criminal defense vital when facing theft and fraud charges

The work place environment provides a number of opportunities for individuals. It affords the Illinois resident the opportunity to learn skills, interact with other people, earn a living and much more. In some instances, it also provides the individual with private information related to customers and others who depend upon the business. It is often understood that this information will remain confidential and not used for other purposes that may lead to the need for a criminal defense if the information obtained is misused.

Retirement center employees are often privy to their residents' personal information. Some employees have access to these residents' personal, financial and medical information. Additionally, in some instances, one or more individuals is given the authority to act on behalf of a resident to conduct business, make purchases and conduct other financial transactions for a resident.

Crash results in injuries and a DUI charge

There aren't many things as humiliating as being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. To add to the embarrassment, those arrested for DUI in Illinois often appear in local newspapers and websites for everyone to see. Facing DUI charges and the humiliation that comes with the entire process is enough to break even the strongest person. When a DUI charge occurs on the heels of an automobile accident, the experience can be especially traumatic.

A recent accident near Centralia resulted in a woman facing a DUI charge. The accident occurred on U.S. 51 around 9:30 pm. According to Illinois State Police, the driver of a Chevrolet Traverse was traveling southbound when the vehicle crossed the center line into the northbound lane and entered a ditch. Reports say the vehicle ended up on the highway after colliding with a culvert.

Drug charges can ruin lives

A well-known consequence of a criminal conviction is incarceration. However, jail time is only one of the many negative effects that a criminal charge can have on a person's life. Even if a conviction never happens, those in Illinois who are arrested and charged are often degraded in society and treated unfairly. A criminal charge can remain on a person's record and haunt that person for the rest of his or her life. Drug charges are among the most serious charges an individual can face.

A man in Monroe was recently arrested and now faces drug charges after a search of his home. According to reports, police were in the area of the man's home investigating a different incident when an officer caught the smell of marijuana coming from the man's home. Reportedly, the court issued a search warrant based solely on the officer's report of the smell.

Chicago police are continuing increased DUI patrols

It's no secret that driving under the influence of alcohol is a very real and dangerous problem in Illinois and across the United States. Those who choose to drive while intoxicated not only endanger their own lives, but the lives of all others around them. However, many of the tests that police use to determine if a person is driving drunk are outdated, can give false readings and are sometimes judgment calls made by an officer. Because of this, some drivers could be falsely charged with DUI. Police in Chicago will be out in full force in the upcoming days, cracking down on suspected drunk drivers.

The crackdown, known as the DUI Saturation Patrol, will take place on the South Side of Chicago during an upcoming weekend. Chicago police say they will be sending roving officers to the 22nd District to look for suspected intoxicated drivers. According to reports, the purpose of the program is to saturate an area with officers in order to better monitor traffic for signs of impaired driving.

Woman faces drug charges after being searched by police

Being arrested is a humiliating thing to experience. This experience can be absolutely frightening when the arrested individual is hit with drug charges. Police in McHenry recently arrested an Illinois woman after receiving an anonymous report. Apparently, she has been charged with several criminal offenses.

According to reports, police received an anonymous call about a suspicious person in the parking lot of a Walgreens store. Police reports say a vehicle was located that matched the description left by the caller and police initiated a traffic stop. Reportedly, police conducted a search of the woman and her vehicle and found drugs.

6 reasons eyewitnesses get it wrong

If you've watched any courtroom drama, you have no doubt watched a scene where a witness takes the stand and identifies the perpetrator. Television shows and movies treat it as if that closes the case, because nothing is more reliable than someone who was at the scene of the crime as it happened.

Few things could be further from the truth. In reality, eyewitnesses are often wrong and make many mistakes. Studies show that it does not even matter if they're confident or not; there is not a significant difference in accuracy. Eyewitnesses make mistakes and false identifications all the time, and it puts innocent people behind bars.

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