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Man facing drug charges after arrest at Aurora gas station

Getting hit with a criminal charge can obviously be very stressful and bring about feelings of worry and anxiety for those who have been charged. Drug charges can ruin lives and put a person's future in jeopardy. The experience of an arrest and the possibility of jail time can be emotionally and psychologically traumatizing. Drug-related charges are some of the most common criminal charges in the state of Illinois.

Recently in Aurora, a man was arrested in a gas station bathroom and is now facing drug charges. Police say they received a complaint about a person being in the bathroom of the gas station for 45 minutes. According to police reports, the man exited the bathroom after several minutes of knocking.

Domestic violence accusations are on the rise

A criminal charge, although serious, is only an accusation of a crime. However, just charges alone can severely damage one's personal and professional reputation. Domestic violence is a horrible thing that occurs way too frequently, and the state of Illinois has harsh penalties for those convicted. However, there are also many instances where allegations were proved to be false.

Police in central Illinois say that they have seen a recent increase in domestic violence calls. Domestic abuse and violence has been a problem in central Illinois for years. Police say that they often see repeat offenders in domestic abuse cases. According to reports, almost 550 adults and over 100 children were served by police in Macon County over domestic abuse allegations just last year.

Illinois man charged with DUI, found not guilty

In the state of Illinois and across the country, a charge of driving under the influence can quickly lead to jail time as well as fines for those convicted. A DUI charge can also mean many sleepless nights filled with anxiety and worry, along with added stress on family members. However, just because an individual is charged with DUI does not mean he or she will be convicted. Recently, an Algonquin man was found not guilty after he was hit with a drunk driving charge.

According to police reports, the man was pulled over and smelled of alcohol. The officer said that he initiated the traffic stop because the man was driving 11 mph over the posted speed limit for that location. The officer claimed that the man was slurring his speech and had an open alcohol container in his vehicle.

Evidence testing isn't always handled properly in criminal cases

Many different forms of evidence can arise when you are facing criminal charges. Some evidence may be subject to laboratory tests that must involve well-controlled collection, testing, and chain-of-custody protocols. Without these in place, there is a chance that evidence will be improperly tested.

Whether the evidence is DNA, drugs or something else, digging deep into everything, from how it was collected to what happened during the testing, is imperative in criminal cases. Even the smallest contamination of the sample can invalidate a key piece of the prosecution's evidence against a defendant.

Delivery driver in Chicago hit with drug charges

Like any criminal charge, a drug charge can have lifelong ramifications on those who have been accused. Receiving drug charges in Illinois can negatively impact almost every facet of life. These charges can blemish records and prevent those that have been charged from gaining future employment, thus hampering them from moving on with their lives.

A man who worked as a delivery driver in Chicago was recently arrested on drug charges. According to reports, police pulled the man over after a check of the license plate allegedly revealed a suspended registration. Police say they smelled an odor of cannabis coming from the man's vehicle.

Report shows mental health issues synonomous with juvenile crimes

Being charged with a crime can have drastic effects on any person. However, a criminal charge can have even more profound effects on juveniles. Juveniles have their entire lives ahead of them, and any criminal charge can do irreversible damage to their reputation and record. However, steps are being taken in Illinois that may help those that have been charged with juvenile crimes.

According to recent statistics, about 70 percent of juveniles arrested in the state of Illinois have possible mental health issues. Citing these statistics, some say that it would be more helpful for juveniles to get treatment rather than the punishment of jail time. Advocates are calling on lawmakers to implement changes. One proposed plan would allow officers to write citations to eight to 17-year-olds who commit misdemeanors instead of taking these juveniles to jail.

Illinois man receives DUI charge after crash

Car accidents are unpredictable and can happen in the blink of an eye. Accidents can happen for a multitude of reasons and have a wide range of future impacts. However, when a person receives a DUI charge regarding an accident, the ramifications can be severe and do permanent damage to a person's career and reputation. An Illinois man is facing DUI charges after police say he crashed his vehicle and left the scene.

The accident happened near Des Plaines during the overnight hours. According to reports, the man crashed his vehicle into a utility pole and veered off the road, his car coming to rest in a wooded area. Responders say they were unable to locate the driver as they arrived on the scene, but found a woman buckled into the front seat who was not fully conscious.

Drug charges: Men arrested for allegedly selling synthetic drugs

Those accused of a criminal charge may experience a myriad of emotions. These emotions, often ranging from anger to crippling fear and anxiety, can rob a person of sleep and take an extreme mental and physical toll on those accused. It's no secret that any criminal charge is very serious. Drug charges, in particular, can do irreparable damage to a person's record and reputation. Those in Illinois who face drug charges should know there are resources available to help them during this trying time.

Recently in Chicago, three store clerks were accused of selling synthetic drugs. According to reports, the men allegedly sold synthetic cannabinoids to undercover officers. Reportedly, these drugs are known as fake marijuana, even though they do not contain marijuana. Federal agents said the drugs were in sealed containers and labeled with code names.

2 drivers hit with DUI charges after crash

Those that receive a charge such as driving under the influence of alcohol can be faced with moments of great stress and anxiety. A DUI charge can do irreversible damage to a person's reputation and psyche. Even though the potential penalties can mean jail time and/or fines, it is helpful to know that a charge is not a conviction.

A recent accident in Galesburg resulted in two drivers receiving DUI charges. Reports say that the accident occurred during the nighttime hours at a popular intersection. According to police, a man driving a Ford pickup truck collided with a Chevrolet truck after running a traffic light at the intersection. Accident reports say that the violent impact resulted in significant damage to both vehicles.

Battling heroin requires more than criminal charges

The heroin epidemic can't be ignored. Unfortunately, it is difficult to balance out the need to punish people for criminal acts related to this drug and the need to help people find the tools overcome the addiction. Illinois has taken a harsh stance against this drug.

Here are some points that everyone should know about heroin usage and the penalties that can come with a criminal conviction in Illinois:

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