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Chicago police are continuing increased DUI patrols

It's no secret that driving under the influence of alcohol is a very real and dangerous problem in Illinois and across the United States. Those who choose to drive while intoxicated not only endanger their own lives, but the lives of all others around them. However, many of the tests that police use to determine if a person is driving drunk are outdated, can give false readings and are sometimes judgment calls made by an officer. Because of this, some drivers could be falsely charged with DUI. Police in Chicago will be out in full force in the upcoming days, cracking down on suspected drunk drivers.

Woman faces drug charges after being searched by police

Being arrested is a humiliating thing to experience. This experience can be absolutely frightening when the arrested individual is hit with drug charges. Police in McHenry recently arrested an Illinois woman after receiving an anonymous report. Apparently, she has been charged with several criminal offenses.

6 reasons eyewitnesses get it wrong

If you've watched any courtroom drama, you have no doubt watched a scene where a witness takes the stand and identifies the perpetrator. Television shows and movies treat it as if that closes the case, because nothing is more reliable than someone who was at the scene of the crime as it happened.

Juvenile crimes: New law is a step in the right direction

In the media these days, it is becoming quite common to see headlines referring to violence and other criminal acts among the juvenile population in Illinois. Its no secret that juvenile crimes are an ongoing problem across the country. According to some people, inadequacies in the juvenile justice system are to blame for the robust crime rates. Recently, new laws have been passed to help reduce crime committed by minors.

A DUI charge can be extremely humiliating

Without a doubt, the consequences for driving under the influence of alcohol are serious, and police forces in Illinois and around the country are doing a wonderful job of cracking down on drunk drivers. For motorists, being pulled over for any reason can be embarrassing, but going through field sobriety tests and getting arrested on suspicion of DUI can be downright humiliating. An officer can initiate an arrest if a person is suspected of driving while intoxicated, regardless of the inaccuracy of some sobriety tests.

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