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Chicago woman faces murder charge in domestic altercation

Facing criminal charges for an event can be a frightening prospect, and it is not always easy to know what to do in order to avoid an unjust sentence. This is especially true in a domestic violence incident. Any time an argument develops, there are bound to be differences of opinion about how the event began, and it can be difficult to make the details clear to officers who respond to the incident.

Illinois man sought in connection with teen's alleged rape

No other offenses carry the same types of penalties as sex crimes. The long-term consequences associated with a conviction in Illinois can include many years in prison along with sex offender registry, which can alter the rest of a person's life. Sexual assault and other sex crimes are often reported by a single person, and the investigation is usually a matter of one person's word against another. This means that many people are arrested each year in connection with crimes for which police have little or no evidence other than a description from an alleged victim, and this can make the cases quite complicated.

Man faces aggravated DUI charges after fatal accident

It may not seem like a big deal to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after few drinks, though drivers arrested for drunk driving in Illinois can face harsh consequences. This is especially true when an accident occurs that results in injury or death to another person. A conviction for DUI or DWI in the state can carry long-term penalties, and it is therefore important for those facing these charges to be prepared with a criminal defense.

Illinois man charged with DUI after hitting fountain

When accidents occur on the roads of Illinois, a commonly suspected cause is often that one of the drivers may have been drunk. However, the pressures of being investigated and questioned when you’ve just had an accident can cause you to appear less coherent than you should. However, being charged with drunk driving does not mean you will be convicted, so it is important to stay calm.

Illinois driver faces drug charges after being found with a pipe

Any form of criminal charge can be a difficult thing to come to terms with, particularly if you have been falsely accused. Even without a conviction, the worry and the effect on your personal and professional life can be a severe emotional strain. However, residents of Illinois should bear in mind that an important aspect of criminal defense is that you are innocent until proven guilty.

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