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How is drug paraphernalia defined?

Every year in Illinois sees countless arrests being made in connection with drug-related activities. If you are suspected of involvement in the manufacturing or distribution of controlled substances or even if you are simply found with such drugs in your possession, you could face serious charges with potentially life-changing consequences if you are convicted.

Illinois accident linked to DUI suspicions

When accidents occur on the roads of Illinois, officials quickly step in to determine the cause of the incident and try to prevent its repetition. As such, this often involves the investigation of any drivers involved in the crash, in order to determine whether any may have been under the influence of alcohol. If officers believe you to have been driving drunk, or your blood alcohol concentration is found to be at or above the legal limit of 0.08 percent, you could be charged.

The right line of defense can make all the difference

If you have been arrested in Illinois, the future may feel quite uncertain. Any form of criminal charge can be a serious matter and the investigative process can turn your life upside-down. You could be suspended from your job, bothered by the media and even suffer a strain on your personal relationships. On top of all this is the worry that you might be convicted and be faced with serious penalties.

Illegal gun possession can have serious consequences

In Illinois, every year we see numerous people arrested for a wide range of crimes, yet not all of these people are guilty of the offenses that they have been accused of committing. Others may have been implicated in crimes far greater than they bore any responsibility for. Whatever the case, they then face a lengthy investigative process during which they may need to challenge the charges against them in order to minimize potential penalties and protect their future.

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