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College dealing with date rape charges

Even in the greater Chicago area, it is likely most everyone has heard of a recent situation happening in California. School police at the University of California, Berkeley reported that five people were given, allegedly, a date-rape drug and then sexually assaulted at a fraternity located off campus. The investigation is ongoing.

Police arrest 2 after car chase through Illinois

When weapons are involved in a crime, they can often exacerbate the associated charges significantly. The addition of a weapon to a situation greatly increases the risk of harm coming to a person and this is a matter that is taken very seriously by authorities in Illinois. In one such case, two people arrested after a car chase through Illinois may face severe sentences after pointing a rifle at a police officer.

How Does a Court View Drug Possession Compared to Trafficking?

When it comes to drug charges, the details matter. Whether you or someone you know is facing charges of drug possession, drug trafficking or drug distribution, the consequences of a conviction on one or all of these charges can be severe and life altering.

What happens if you are caught in possession of drugs?

The use of recreational marijuana has become a subject of much debate, especially since some states have chosen to legalize it. But if you reside in a state where possession is still a punishable offense, the charge is something that can follow you forever. How severe can the sentence for possession be? Although the severity can depend on what state you are in, some charges have the possibility of resulting in jail time.

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