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What are the elements of a drug manufacturing charge?

Drug manufacturing charges entail two separate elements. First, the prosecutor must establish that you possessed an illegal substance. Second, she must prove you intended to manufacture that drug. Generally, manufacturing charges are also paired with intent to distribute and other drug-related crimes. This post will address some of the nuances in these charges and how they could possibly affect you.

What is the risk of recidivism for online sex crimes?

The Office of Justice Programs conducted a macro-study of several initial studies to delve into rates of recidivism for online sex offenses. The researchers found that rates of recidivism for online sex offenses appear primarily to follow recidivism rates for other sex crimes. But, it is important to note that these are initial studies and more comprehensive studies are necessary.

Future of anti-drunk driving technology

Drunken driving accidents kill around 10,000 Americans a year. It costs billions of dollars in medical bills, legal fees, damage to property and other harms. As a result, the government and non-profits pour millions of dollars into social programs and technology to reduce the rate of intoxicated drivers. There are a variety of onboard technologies in the works aimed at keeping drunk drivers from operating motor vehicles.

How do Chicago's gun law compare nationally?

It is a relatively common line that not only does Chicago have the strictest gun laws in the country but that they are woefully ineffective at preventing gun deaths. But it appears those are merely popular misconceptions. Chicago's gun laws are no more restrictive than other comparable major cities, i.e. Los Angeles and New York. Moreover, police contend that gang members face far more severe consequences from their gang for losing a weapon than they do by the Chicago court system.

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