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Drug charges can do irreversible damage

A criminal charge is a big concern in any state. Those who are hit with drug charges in Illinois can face very steep penalties. These penalties include massive fines and many years of jail time, not to mention the irreversible damage these charges can do to individual records and personal reputations. Of all the criminal charges across the Illinois, drug-related charges are some of the most common, and just being charged can potentially ruin a person's life.

Smart steps around the holidays to avoid DUI charges

Nothing ruins your holiday spirit like getting in trouble with the law. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens to a large number of people every single year. With the holiday season comes a barrage of holiday parties. Many times, those parties feature alcohol as a centerpiece of the celebration. That can put people in a difficult position where they have had too much to drink but may still feel like they can drive.

Police forces will ramp up DUI efforts this holiday season

The holiday season is cause for celebration. Illinois residents are encouraged to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, but do so responsibly. There are more arrests made for driving under the influence of alcohol during the holidays than at any other time of the year. Facing a DUI charge can definitely put a damper on this joyous and wonderful season.

Juvenile crimes: Deterring gun violence among youth

These days, it seems that gun violence is constantly making headlines across the country. Gun violence among the juvenile population has increased over the last decade. According to a report released by the FBI, 680 juveniles were killed by acts of gun violence in the United States last year. Fortunately, the state of Illinois has been proactive in combating juvenile crimes in recent years. New legislation, law enforcement efforts and increased public awareness have had positive results.

Drug charges: Mother petitions lawmakers for help

The United States is facing a very serious drug problem. Across the country, drug addiction is destroying families and ruining lives. The state of Illinois, in particular, has been notoriously tough on those convicted of drug charges. Penalties can include years of incarceration and massive fines, not to mention the humiliation and tarnished personal records that can hamper an individual for the rest of his or her life. A mother in suburban Chicago has petitioned lawmakers in an attempt to rescue her daughter from drug addiction.

Young driver charged with DUI after crashing

Driving while intoxicated has become an increasing problem across the state of Illinois, prompting police forces across the state to ramp up patrols and enforcement efforts. Illinois has strict penalties for those convicted of DUI. Just being arrested and charged with driving under the influence could result in lifelong ramifications for those who are formally accused. A DUI conviction can hinder future employment opportunities and ruin reputations.

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