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A hasty approach could lead to criminal charges

As many residents of Illinois know, it can often be hard to read people's intentions. You may think you know where you stand with someone, but suddenly you've crossed the line and possibly irreparable damage has been done to your relationship with that person, to your reputation and perhaps even your future. You may not realize that you have done anything wrong, but if your advances are unwanted, you could find yourself under investigation for sexual harassment, assault or another similar offense.

Can a weapon elevate robbery charges?

Being the subject of a criminal investigation in Illinois can be a daunting matter. No matter how serious the alleged crime or the associated charges, the threat of conviction is always a worrying one. You could face fines, struggle to find future employment or even be sent to prison. Furthermore, friends and family may view you differently after discovering you have been convicted of a crime.

Illinois man charged with trafficking heroin

Any form of criminal offense can have serious consequences if you are convicted. Depending on the type and severity of the charges and whether you have any previous convictions, you could face fines, restitution, the loss of professional licenses and be sentenced to time in prison. This is particularly the case when it comes to drug charges, as many related offenses carry particularly lengthy sentences.

Trafficking may carry heavier penalties than possession

It is no secret in Illinois that officers work around the clock to reduce the prevalence of drug crime in the state. However, in their bid to track down the sources of these substances, innocent people can come under suspicion. Unfortunately, if you are implicated in a drug-related offense, you could face a lengthy investigation and possibly even criminal charges.

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