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Illinois man sentenced to life for drug crimes pardoned by Obama

When a person is found guilty of charges filed against him or her, the punishment should fit the crime. Just like you might expect someone convicted of murder to face a longer jail sentence, you would expect someone who fails to pay a parking ticket to face no more than a small fine. Unfortunately, things don't always happen that way.

Fatal accident leaves Wheaton man facing felony DUI charges

Think about all of the close calls you have had while driving. Maybe you couldn't see very far down a cross-road as you pulled out of a driveway, hoping no one was coming. Or maybe you had to slam on your brakes suddenly when the car in front of you made a quick turn without signaling. We have all been in these situations. While some fortunately remain close calls, others can lead to accidents.

Stun gun incident caught on videotape in Chicago

It certainly isn’t in every instance, but law enforcement uses stun guns in their regular course of duty. These devices are used as a non-fatal alternative to control suspects during an arrest. Although police might use these devices, they are still considered a weapon. When used while committing an act considered a felony in Illinois, it can spell trouble.

Plea deal for results in dropped charges for Woodridge man

Allegations of sex crimes are among the most serious charges a person can face. Most community members do not take kindly to the idea of an alleged sex offender living amongst them, so prosecutors are under immense pressure to obtain a conviction. Because of this, a well-thought-out defense strategy is extremely important.

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