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Illinois sex offender accused of re-offending in child porn case

Few offenses carry the same level of long-term implications as sex crimes. A conviction can lead to an extended prison sentence, as well as the required registration as a sex offender. Registry creates complications for the rest of a person's life by limiting opportunity and damaging their reputation and professional life. Officials in Illinois are particularly tough on sex crimes that involve children, whether it is the possession of child pornography, sexual assault of a child or online solicitation. For this reason, it is especially important for those who face these charges to pursue a criminal defense as quickly as possible.

Illinois man pleads guilty to sexually assaulting prostitutes

An accusation of a sex crime carries a powerful social stigma and can have life-long implications. If convicted, the penalties are often strong, often with mandatory sex offender registry. The expression “sex offense” denotes a wide range of behavior, including rape, viewing child pornography and human trafficking.

Chicago man accused of domestic violence and armed robbery

Domestic assault and theft are two serious criminal charges that can happen to anyone. Still, you always have to remember that being charged with a crime is not the same as being convicted. Substantial evidence is needed in order to confirm your participation in the crime. Lack of evidence can largely benefit your case and even result in your acquittal.

DUI offenders in Illinois may be given extra chance to drive

If you have ever been convicted of an alcohol-related driving offense, it is likely you are familiar with having your license at least temporarily suspended. DUI charges can often lead to the complete revocation of a driver's license. However, a new bill being discussed in Illinois aims to give people convicted of drunk driving the ability to continue holding a license.

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