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Being a sex offender can land you on a national registry

The National Sex Offender Public website combines all sex offender lists from the States, Federal government, tribal lands and territorial governments into one complete list. Each of these government entities maintain their own sex offender registry lists. However, this website aggregates all of that information onto a single platform that anyone can access. The website was launched in 2005 as a tool to assist the public.

Is drugged driving illegal?

The law among states is inconsistent in this area but drugged driving, or driving under the influence of drugs, can result in criminal penalties. Driving while drugged can occur on both legal and illegal medications. It can happen with medicine taken over-the-counter or illicit drugs purchased on a corner. The issue with these various drugs is that they impact each person differently so there is very little consensus on what constitutes "drugged driving." This article will address these issues and how they may affect you.

Justice Department reviews standards for solitary confinement

The Justice Department undertook a review of solitary confinement (or "restrictive housing") policies. The purpose of the report was to analyze the effect on inmates, find out how many people are kept in restrictive housing, the nature of the confinement and if there was any room to reduce those rates. The report released 50 "Guiding Principles" on how to improve restrictive housing for inmates and officers. This article will discuss some of the highlights of this report.

How your children can result in you being charged with a crime

Sometimes, children can be reckless and immature. Usually when your child is immature it is a minor infraction, however, every now and then children act recklessly which results in criminal penalties. What many parents may not realize is that you can be criminally liable for certain actions done by your child. This article will go over some of those risks and how they may affect you.

Robbery is a more serious crime than larceny

Robbery is a common enough crime depicted on television. Bad guys on television do it every day and always seem to get light punishment from the TV cops. Real life couldn't be further from the truth. Robbery is an incredibly serious crime that entails serious punishments and years behind bars. This article will briefly describe the elements of robbery.

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