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A conviction of felony charge drunk driving carries some serious penalties, both legal and societal. After a felony DUI/DWI arrest, you run the risk of more than just fines and a suspended driver’s license. You could face jail time. Your car could be outfitted with a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID). You could have a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) device attached to your ankle that would constantly monitor your alcohol consumption.

A felony conviction of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs could keep you from obtaining certain jobs or make you ineligible for licensure or bonding. It could cause apartment managers to turn you down, keep you from being admitted to certain colleges, make you ineligible for certain student loans or scholarships, or even affect your visa status. It could have an effect on child custody or visitation with your children.

In other words, your reputation and your future are in jeopardy. We are here to protect them.

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Helping You When Facing Felony Charges

The law firm of Jim Ryan & Associates represents people charged with felony DUI/DWI in the Chicago metropolitan area with a focus in DuPage County, the western suburbs and Naperville. Our team of lawyers has built a reputation for aggressively standing up for our clients’ rights.

There are several reasons that a DUI/DWI may be charged as a felony rather than as a misdemeanor. The most common reason is the existence of prior DUI offenses. A third offense of DUI/DWI or higher will be charged as a felony. A drinking and driving charge can also be charged as a felony if it involved an accident with injuries, the accused driver did not have proper liability insurance or if the driver facing a charge of DUI/DWI is also accused of driving on a revoked license.

Our lawyers are committed to providing you with personal care and an aggressive defense. When you hire us, we will take the time not only to learn about your situation, but also to provide you with knowledge about the criminal justice process, your legal options and the strategies we may use to defend you and to minimize the impact your DUI/DWI arrest has on your life. We will also do what is necessary to reduce unwanted publicity that can result from multiple DUI charges. As we move forward, we will dedicate ourselves to using any means available to get you results. We are fully prepared to go to trial to seek justice for you.

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