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Know the penalties for drug dealing in your state

It is well known that drug-related offenses are taken very seriously in Illinois. Whether you are found intoxicated, in possession of a controlled substance, or distributing it to others, you can get into extensive legal trouble. Not only can this affect your immediate future, as you endure a criminal investigation and the stigma that surrounds drug charges, but you run the risk of conviction.

Be prepared to stand up to assault charges

Charges relating to sex crimes are an extremely serious matter. Whether or not you had any involvement in the activities you have been accused of, the charges alone can seriously damage your reputation and cause friends, family and colleagues to feel unsure how to react to you. Furthermore, your local community may feel angered by the allegations that could make you a target of violence or retribution.

Tough DUI laws have a variety of effects

Drunk driving charges can be extremely inconvenient and damaging to your future. While a conviction could affect both your personal and professional life, also putting you at risk of fines and jail time, even the investigation can be taxing. To begin with, officer may employ various tests in an attempt to discover whether you were driving under the influence of alcohol.

What is the difference between assault and battery?

The laws in Illinois are complex and strictly enforced, as is the case throughout the United States. One form of offense that is particularly commonly reported is assault, often in conjunction with battery. However, many people are unsure of the difference, making it particularly difficult for them to form their defense.

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