Be prepared to stand up to assault charges

Charges relating to sex crimes are an extremely serious matter. Whether or not you had any involvement in the activities you have been accused of, the charges alone can seriously damage your reputation and cause friends, family and colleagues to feel unsure how to react to you. Furthermore, your local community may feel angered by the allegations that could make you a target of violence or retribution.

Although it may be very difficult to do so, it is vital to maintain compassion when charged with such a crime. Even if you believe it is a case of mistaken identity or a misunderstanding, it is important to remember that your accuser may still have experienced a traumatic event. By remaining calm and working with your attorney to improve your defense, you may have a better chance of being viewed favorably by the court.

Every year in Illinois sees countless cases related to sex crimes. The law is extremely tough of these kinds of offenses, so it is important to know the legislation in your area and to recognize when you could be in breach of it. You should also always try to be aware of the wishes of any individual with whom you become physically involved, in order to avoid inadvertently doing something that they are unwilling to have happen.

It is a complicated subject and one no one should have to navigate alone. Our page on sex crimes contains more detailed information on how you can respond to such charges and work toward clearing your name and protecting your future.