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Drug court offers alternative to prison

Prison is not the only penalty available for certain criminal offenses. Many counties and cities offer a variety of services including drug courts, mental health courts, supervised release and other alternative options. One certain county in Illinois, McLean, started their drug court in 2006. The point of a Drug Court is to address the underlying problems that bring people to commit crimes. The idea is to cut the recidivism rate, to get them back into society.

What does a DUI charge mean for you?

If you are convicted of driving under the influence, you will most likely face some or all of the following possible punishments. This can range from alcohol treatment classes, license revocation or prison time. This article will briefly go over the various possible consequences of a DUI charge and how a lawyer may assist you.

Though rare, the federal government does execute people

Capital punishment, also called "the death penalty," is a punishment that is reserved for the worst of the worst crimes and criminals. The capital punishment is utilized because a particular crime is so heinous that only death can satisfy the needs of justice. During these trials, the jury is asked to determine whether or not the death penalty should be imposed. It is a solemn task that requires weeks of trial to ascertain.

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