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Having access to drugs can lead to criminal charges

It is no secret that being in possession of illegal drugs can result in serious criminal charges. In Illinois, the authorities work hard to reduce the drug presence within the state. However, this can mean that innocent people are arrested in the course of an investigation. Similarly, if you have been implicated in a drug crime, it is possible that your role in the operation may be overestimated, meaning you could face far more serious charges than you might expect.

What constitutes a sex crime?

In Illinois, people are arrested every year for crimes they did not even know they were committing. The problem is, there are many forms of offense that are judged not be the intention of the perpetrator but by the reaction of the victim. For example, you do not need to physically hurt someone to be charged with assault. It is enough for them to feel threatened by you to the extent that they think you might hurt them.

Illinois pair charged after guns found in purse

If you have been arrested in Illinois, you could have a lengthy investigation ahead of you. It can take significant time and effort to get the bottom of a criminal case and even if you are completely innocent, it may be a long time before this is determined. As such, a good defense is critical, as there is a possibility that the matter may go to court.

DUI charges can damage your future

Many drivers in Illinois rely on their vehicles for a large portion of their daily lives. Whether you need to drive to work, take your children to school or even use your car to pick up groceries, suddenly losing the ability to do so can be a big problem. Unfortunately, if you are investigated for drunk driving, that is exactly what could happen.

Airsoft guns can lead to legal troubles

As most people in Illinois will agree, the sight of a person with a gun can be an alarming one. This is even more the case for police officers whose lives are put on the line every day. Often, a split second decision is required, so if you are seen to be brandishing a firearm, even if it turns out to be a replica, you could face serious criminal charges.

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