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A drug arrest can mean more than just drug charges

Methamphetamine, cocaine and crack are typically recognized as illegal drugs. Most everyone knows that if you are caught with one of these substances, you will likely face charges and prosecution. What you may not realize is that drug arrests can be made for more than just possession of illicit drugs. For example, if you are arrested with a pipe or a needle, then you may face additional charges. These are known as "drug paraphernalia" or items that are commonly associated with the use, manufacture or transport of illegal drugs.

Zero-tolerance DUI laws applied to drivers under 21

It is common knowledge that the "legal limit" for blood alcohol content is 0.08 percent. What you may not know is that there is no such thing as a "legal limit" for drivers too young to legally consume alcohol. Drivers who are under 21 years of age are subject to "zero tolerance" laws. This means that if you are under 21 and you are pulled over by a police officer who determines that you have a "BAC" above 0.00 percent then you may be facing a driving under the influence charge.

Prostitution and the interconnected crimes

Prostitution, colloquially known as the "oldest profession," is an interconnected activity that implicates crimes on both the person soliciting and offering sex. Prostitution is a nuanced activity that does not necessarily conform to its portrayal in the media. Prostitution is done on the street, in a "massage parlor," or on the Internet. The opportunities for the oldest profession to expand are limited only by the creativity of the people offering or seeking it.

What acts might garner solicitation charges?

There are two reasons for which a person may be issued solicitation charges. You can be charged with solicitation if you are offering a sexual encounter in exchange for compensation. You can also be charged with solicitation if you attempt or actually purchase a sexual encounter. To make it clear, the act does not have to be completed, merely initiated, in order for charges to be issued.

An overview of the insanity defense

The insanity defense basically amounts to an argument that you do not understand the criminality of your actions or are unable to control your behavior. Insanity isn't a carte blanche defense that covers every single crime or case; it is a limited defense that is actually only used on occasion.

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