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Drug charges: Man arrested and searched at traffic stop

It's no secret that illegal drug use continues to be a very big problem not only in the state of Illinois but across the United States. Law enforcement agencies everywhere are ramping up efforts to combat illegal drugs and drug activity. These efforts include increased patrols, traffic checkpoints and extensive searches. To legally search a private residence, a search warrant must be obtained. If no warrant has been obtained by authorities, those who are arrested on drug charges stand a good chance of having their charges reduced or thrown out.

A DUI charge can turn a holiday into a tragedy

During holidays, police in Illinois say that there are more arrests made for driving under the influence of alcohol than at other times of the year. In Illinois and across the country, police forces commonly ramp up patrols during holidays, in an effort to reduce accidents and keep the roadways safe. Holidays are a time of celebration for many, and it is important to remember to celebrate responsibly. Getting a DUI charge is definitely something that can turn a celebration into a tragedy.

Juvenile Crimes: Illinois leads youth justice reform movement

Crime among adolescents and juveniles has been a problem in America for decades. In recent years, juvenile crimes have continued to increase across the state of Illinois and many other states in America. It's no secret that reform is needed, and some feel that the solution for bucking this trend could begin with updated legislature to address an outdated system. Illinois is at the forefront of a movement to raise the age of juvenile justice systems.

Drivers can receive a DUI charge without consuming alcohol

Driving under the influence is a very serious charge that can mean jail time and significant fines. Additionally, a DUI charge can ruin reputations and stay on person's record, hampering any attempts at future employment. However, many Illinois residents are unaware that a DUI charge is possible if a driver is operating a motor vehicle with drugs in his or her system. Driving under the influence of drugs is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Using drugs before driving, prescription or recreational, can land a person behind bars.

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