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Man sitting in a vehicle gets hit with a DUI charge

Those in Illinois who have faced an arrest along with criminal charges are familiar with the feelings of embarrassment and seemingly endless worry that often come with such an experience. Receiving a DUI charge in particular can greatly damage a person's record and show up on background checks, preventing them from obtaining future jobs or receiving loans. If convicted, offenders may face harsh punishment in the forms of steep fines, license suspension and even possible jail time. Unbeknown to many Illinois residents, it is possible to receive a DUI charge just by sitting in a vehicle.

There are options available to those facing drug charges

When an individual faces criminal charges after an arrest, the experience can be embarrassing and absolutely devastating. It's common knowledge that any criminal charge is a very serious offense, but drug charges in particular can affect a person for the rest of his or her life. In Illinois, these types of charges will show up on background checks, which can hamper job efforts and effect eligibility on things such as loans, child custody and college admission.

Those charged with juvenile crimes can suffer for a lifetime

Rebellious behavior is a common trait among youth in Illinois and across the country. It's no secret that most teenagers will participate in delinquent behavior at some point in their young lives. For some juveniles, what starts out as harmless shenanigans may eventually evolve into criminal behavior. Being arrested is a frightening experience at any age. However, juvenile crimes can damage reputations and follow individuals for the rest of their lives.

Survey results of Illinois DUI arrests released

In the United States, driving under the influence of alcohol is a very serious charge. A DUI charge can drastically affect a person's life and have permanent implications. Those hit with a DUI charge face jail time and steep penalties. Police departments across the state of Illinois have ramped up efforts to combat drunk driving in recent years.

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