Juvenile crimes: Illinois student faces felony charge

Its no secret that crime among teenagers and adolescents is a continued problem in cities across Illinois these days. However, when it comes to juvenile crimes, the individual charged can suffer for the rest of his or her life regardless of the nature of the crime. A criminal charge on the permanent record of teenagers may inhibit future personal advancement opportunities. Recently, a young Illinois student was charged with eavesdropping while at school.

According to reports, the middle-school student was called to a meeting with the school’s principal and assistant principal. During the meeting, the student allegedly used his cell phone to record the conversation which lasted about 10 minutes. The student alleges that, after informing the principal that he was being recorded, the principal abruptly ended the conversation and accused the student of breaking the law.

Reportedly, the student was charged with a single count of eavesdropping not long after the meeting, which is a felony offense. The young student, who is visually impaired, told authorities that he feels he is being wrongfully charged, and if he is convicted it could run his future. The possibility of a guilty verdict has given the young boy and his family much worry and anxiety. Supporters of the student claim that students should have the right to record interactions with school officials in order to protect them from being subject to abuse.

If the student were to be convicted, there is little doubt that his life would be negatively affected for years to come. In Illinois, those who have been charged with juvenile crimes have the right to seek legal counsel. An experienced attorney can provide guidance and determine the best strategy possible for juveniles who have been charged with criminal offenses.