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Take time to do research before you hire a defense attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, one of the first things you will need to do is hire a defense attorney. Your attorney is the handler of your case and your personal advocate. He or she will manage your plea negotiations, collect evidence and prepare your arguments. It is, therefore, imperative that you retain the right attorney to defend you. To guide you through the process of selecting the right attorney here is a quick little guide to some issues you should consider before retaining your lawyer.

Two workers arrested in overtime fraud scheme

Two workers, formerly employed by Amtrak, were charged and arrested for a fraudulent overtime scheme which billed over 900 hours that they never worked. The case is proceeding in federal court. They have been accused of fraud on an agency receiving federal funds and theft of government property.

Illinois imposes sentencing enhancements if a weapon is used

In 2007, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that a weapons enhancement was unenforceable because it imposed a harsher penalty than a second, corresponding law in violation of the state constitution proportionality clause. An enhancement is a secondary sentence that the judge can impose on a convicted defendant. Often enhancements can greatly increase the time a particular person spends behind bars.

Study finds 64 percent decline in sexual assault against females

The Bureau of Justice Statistics, a division within the Office of Justice Programs, released a study that found a 64 percent decline in sexual assault and violence against females between 1995 in 2010. Of course, this study needs to be reviewed with a skeptical eye. Sexual assaults are notoriously difficult to track because many of them are not reported to the police. This forces researchers to estimate the actual number of assaults and extrapolate based on the reported numbers. Regardless of the research technique, however, this study is good news.

Are passengers permitted to drink alcohol in a car?

Everyone is familiar, or at least you should be now, that drivers are not permitted to drink alcohol while operating a vehicle. These charges are serious and could result in jail time. But are passengers permitted to drink alcohol in the car? Typically, passengers may not drink alcohol in a car but not because of the car is being driven ? this post will explore the rules governing alcohol in cars.

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