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Bail is expensive for many people

New Orleans is a case example of a wider problem that is gripping the country. The United States is confronting a new issue in criminal justice. The United States, unlike most of the rest of the world, utilizes a for-profit system of bail. The bail system is facing increasing pressure from criminal justice reformers. The post will go over the bail system and how you can get caught up in it.

Unlimited detention for sex criminals ruled constitutional

A federal appeals court overruled a lower court ruling which invalidated the Minnesota civil detention program for sex offenders. The program was challenged as unconstitutional because it held people beyond the length of their imposed prison sentence. But, the appeals court disagreed and determined that the state, Minnesota, had an important public purpose in detaining sex offenders.

DUI probation: the basics

Getting arrested is scary. You are cuffed, driven to county lock-up, fingerprinted, and dropped in a holding cell, usually with dozens of other offenders. Understandably, you want to do anything you can to avoid further incarceration, and therefore plea bargains offer an attractive alternative to end the process quickly and negotiate a deal that keeps you out of prison. This post will go over DUIs and how probation may work for you.

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