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The right defense is critical when charged with a sex crime

It is no secret that a criminal conviction can turn your life upside-down. The mark on your record can affect your job prospects, housing options and even the way friends and family think of you. However, the effects can be even more profound if your conviction is for a crime of a sexual nature. Not only will you have to face penalties such as fines or even a prison sentence, you may also be required to sign the sex offender register.

Is imprisonment certain with a DUI conviction?

Being convicted of drunk driving in Illinois can seriously affect your life. Aside from anything else, you may lose your driver's license, meaning you need to rethink how you get around. This might even mean that you struggle to get to work. Although it is possible to receive a limited license for essential trips, it is not definite that you will be eligible.

Drug charges threaten man and woman from Illinois

As most residents of Illinois are aware, criminal charges can have a dramatic effect on your future, particularly if you are convicted. Even being investigated on suspicion of criminal activity can be enough to get you suspended from your job. Meanwhile, friends and family may be unsure how to react and even strangers may treat you poorly if the investigation is public knowledge.

Many states ban weapons in school areas

Protecting the safety of children is undeniably important and many laws are in place specifically to preserve that safety. For parents in Illinois and, indeed, throughout the United States, school is one place you hope your child will be free from harm and fortunately this is usually the case. However, as many violent tragedies have still occurred at schools across the country, many states have legislation in place to attempt to prevent anyone from bringing a weapon into a school environment.

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