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Man sentenced to federal prison on child pornography charges

A man was sentenced to 21 years in federal prison and 10 years supervised release pursuant to a jury trial for several charges relating to child pornography. He was arrested following a joint investigation by U.S., Canadian, Australian, South African and local law enforcement, codenamed Operation Subterfuge.

Explosive weapons can lead to serious charges

The federal government defines a weapon of mass destruction as any incendiary, explosive or poison gas. This covers a wide range of weapons from homemade bombs, like pipe bombs, to military weapons like rockets. It includes weapons that are designed or intended to cause serious injury, even if they aren't used in that manner. This article will elaborate on these charges and how they could affect you.

Repeat sex offender sentenced to over 10 years

An elderly man was convicted of possession child pornography and sentenced to 10 years in federal prison plus 10 years supervised release. He was sentenced following a two day trial in the District of Minnesota. This sentence reflects the crackdown that law enforcement is taking on possessors of child pornography and other child exploitation related charges.

Drug kingpins convicted on trafficking charges

The leaders of a major Guatemalan drug trafficking organization were convicted in federal court. They were arrested in Guatemala pursuant to a U.S. warrant that charged each of them with one count of conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States. This is interesting because these individuals were convicted for their actions in another country based on the effect that it had in the United States. Convicting people based on international crimes is an evolving area of law that could have huge implications for other crime organizations.

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